Tesla Road Trip: Traveling from Madison WI to Comber ON – Day 1

This post is part of a 15-day electric road trip through Ontario, Quebec, and parts of the East Coast and back home.

Date: Wednesday, January 22, 2020


I was really considering driving through northern Wisconsin, through Michigan and use the Sault Ste Marie Supercharger just across the border in Canada, but I woke up this first day to find that whole station off-line.

YouTube Edition | Day 1

Madison, WI – E. Washington Ave. Supercharger

Grab a cup of coffee in their cafe. Stock up on snacks from the Hyvee grocery store.

Rosemont, IL Supercharger (AVOID!)

I don’t recommend using this outlet store supercharger if you don’t have to and especially if you’re on a road trip of any kind. First, it’s on one of the top floors in the parking ramp and two, from my experience it was very slow even with a low state of charge (SOC). It’s a hassle to get to and out. I ignored the slow down warnings in the navigation otherwise I could have just went straight to the Rolling Meadows, IL Supercharger.

Country Club Hills, IL Supercharger
Country Club Plaza

There is a conveniently located Walmart about 5-minute walk away. For food, there is a Subway, Pizza Hut, Caribbean Jerk Palace, Panda Express, McDonald’s, among others.

While I was charging, I ran over to pick up the Coleman Self-Inflating Mattress, along with a comforter kit and pillow.

Marshall Supercharger
Marshall, Michigan

Marshall Supercharger
Marshall Supercharger – Credit: Google Maps

A traditional gas station stop with Hungry Howie’s Pizza, Citgo & PS Food Mart. There are two hotels here if you are too tired to continue your journey. There is also a Denny’s a couple of minutes away.

The Google Maps street view shows this location having non-EVs parked in the stalls but thankfully this wasn’t the case for my visit.

Windsor Detriot Tunnel
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

$5.00 USD | $6.25 CAD – Tunnel Rates for Non-Commerical Vehicles
Cross over into Ontario, Canada. If you’re wanting to use Google Fi for your international plan and haven’t activated yet, activate before you cross over so you will have service. If you already have service, you’re good to go!

Comber Supercharger
Comber, Ontario, Canada

Comber Supercharger
Comber Supercharger

I charged up to a half SOC or so. The closest affordable Airbnb I could find was back in Windsor, so back to Windsor for the night.

I understood going into this Airbnb rental that the entertainment options were shared in the living room but it’s difficult to know if the walls are going to be paper-thin and if other guests aren’t going to abide by the quiet hours. I had a similar experience in a hostel space in Iceland. Bringing headphones comes in handy or playing relaxing music in the room can help drowned out the noise. $26.77 USD

Special Thanks

Thanks to Arcadia for sponsoring 50% of my energy use in clean energy. I rely on them due to the heavy use of energy produced from coal in Wisconsin. Join me in adding clean energy to the grid and Arcadia will take $10 off your next power bill: https://arcadia.com/referral/?promo=graydon72912

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