Tesla Road Trip: Traveling from Madison WI to Comber ON – Day 1

The day has finally arrived: I am leaving on my road trip, first stop is Comber, ON.

Although I won't be going cross-Canada, it will help me become more familiar with all the features of the Tesla Model 3.

This trip is special because I used the Tesla Supercharger Network, one of the fastest charging networks in the world, and I also used my Mavic 2 Pro when it was appropriate and safe. I hope you enjoy it!

Being on a road trip can be a great way to spend time with loved ones, experience new places and expand your worldview.

Date: Wednesday, January 22, 2020


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Table of Contents

In this article there are two main sections, firstly, the YouTube video for that day, and then, the additional writings from that day.

It was my intention to drive across northern Wisconsin, through Michigan, and use the Tesla Supercharger in Sault Ste Marie just across the border in Canada, but I woke up this morning to find the whole station out of service.

Tesla Canadian-New England Road Trip inspired by Bjørn Nyland! - Day 1 (YouTube)

My work on editing footage from my Tesla Model 3 Long Range drive in Quebec City and New England has continued while I have been quarantined at home.

I have enjoyed many of Bjørn's YouTube videos and his journey around Norway, he has lived there since the age of four, as well as his more recent Thailand series of videos. He's awesome! I recommend checking him out.

What makes this trip exceptional is my use of this Tesla Supercharger system, the world's fastest electric car charging network and also using my Mavic 2 Pro on specific legs of this trip when it was appropriate and safe to do so. I hope you like! :)

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Date: Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Shot in 4K UHD:
DJI Mavic 2 Pro https://amzn.to/3bn4p9K
DJI Osmo Action https://amzn.to/2xs0lXb

Edited with:
Adobe Premiere: https://fave.co/2WYAIqY
DaVinci Resolve 16: https://fave.co/2ZvNoHp
Skylum Luminar 4 https://macphun.evyy.net/c/1311439/309505/3255
Skylum Aurora HDR 2019: https://macphun.evyy.net/MLbDo

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Madison, WI - E. Washington Ave. Supercharger

Grab a cup of coffee in their café and stock up on snacks from Hyvee Grocery Store.

Rosemont, IL Supercharger (AVOID!)

I do not recommend the outlet store supercharger if you do not have to and especially not if you are traveling in any way. Firstly, it's on one of the top floors of the parking ramp and secondly, in my experience it was very slow even with low state of charge (SOC). It is a tedious ride back and forth. I ignored the slowdown warnings in the navigation otherwise I could have simply gone directly to the Rolling Meadows, IL Supercharger.

Country Club Hills, IL Supercharger
Country Club Plaza

For dinner there is a conveniently located Walmart within a 5 minute walk. For food, there is a Subway, Pizza Hut, Caribbean Jerk Palace, Panda Express, McDonald's.

As I was charging, I ran over to pick up the Coleman Self-Inflating Mattress, along with a comforter kit and pillow because this trip was quite spontaneous.

Marshall Supercharger
Marshall, Michigan

Marshall Supercharger
Marshall Supercharger - Credit: Google Maps

A traditional gas station with Hungry Howie's Pizza, Citgo & PS Food Mart, two hotels if you're too tired to continue the journey, and a Denny's a few minutes away. Google Maps Street View shows this location with non-electric vehicles parked in the stalls, but luckily this was not the case when I visited.

Windsor Detriot Tunnel
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

$5.00 USD | $6.25 CAD - Tunnel Rates for Non-Commerical Vehicles
Cross over into Ontario, Canada. If you want to use Google Fi for your international plan and haven't activated yet, activate before crossing so that you have service. If you already have service, you are in good hands!

Comber Supercharger
Comber, Ontario, Canada

Comber Supercharger

The snow buried some Superchargers parking spots, but I encountered no issues during my trip.

Comber Supercharger

I have charged up to 50% to get to the next Supercharger. The closest affordable Airbnb I could find was back in Windsor, so back to Windsor for the night.

I understand that the entertainment options for this Airbnb rental were shared in the living room, but it is difficult to know if the walls will be paper thin and if other guests will not stick to the quiet hours. I had a similar experience in a hostel in Iceland. Bringing headphones is handy or relaxing music in the room can help drown out the noise. $26.77 USD

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