Dreamcase vs TESMAT – for Tesla Model 3 and Y: Everything You Need to Know!

This article was updated on December 2nd, 2020

Did you know that with your Tesla sedan you can now go stargazing at a magical camping spot without ever having to worry about hotel costs? Yes, you can practically live in your car just by buying some Tesla camping gear. These are truly amazing times! Continue reading my buyers's guide to learn more about the type of mattresses available for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. You can find out my choice of the two in the title by continuing reading, or you can go to the FAQ section at the end of the article.

This is a comparison piece between the two products mentioned in the title: TESMAT Gen 2 and Dreamcase. It is based on thorough research and detailed information from several sources. My goal is to offer the reader the most comprehensive comparison between the two camping mattresses and to help you decide which mattress to choose for Tesla Model 3 / Y.

Specifically designed for Tesla Model 3 & Model Y.

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Table of Contents

  1. Tesla Mattress for Car Camping
  2. What's included?
  3. Feature Comparison
  4. Dimension Comparison
  5. Final Thoughts
  6. FAQ
  7. Learn More

Tesla Mattress for Car Camping

Camper Mode

Dreamcase vs TESMAT - for Tesla Model 3 and Y: Everything You Need to Know! 2

Now that “camper mode” has been released, you can maintain your climate and stay at your ideal temperature while charging all your devices, so you are able to catch the beautiful sunrise the next morning!

The automaker wrote about “Camp Mode” in the release notes:

Your car can now maintain airflow, temperature, interior lighting, as well as play music, and power devices when Camp Mode is enabled. To enable Camp Mode, tap the fan icon at the bottom of the touchscreen and set ‘Keep Climate On’ to ‘CAMP’ while your car is in ‘PARK.’

What's included?

ProductPriceCarrying CaseIncludes SheetsTravel PillowPrivacy Screen
Dreamcase + Sheeting$890YesYesYesNo
TESMAT Bundle$348

Please note: Prices are approximate for Dreamcase. Converted USB to EURO.

Dreamcase in the back of the trunk of a Tesla Model 3
Dreamcase for the Model 3 / Model Y
Tesmat in the back of the sub-trunk of a Tesla Model 3
TESMAT for the Model 3 / Model Y

Dreamcase for the Model 3 / Model Y

  • The Dreamcase includes a portable foldable memory foam mattress, a microfiber foam cover, duvet and travel pillows.
  • While configuring your Dreamcase, you have the option to add white bedsheets at an additional cost.
  • The mattress itself is available in black, gray, beige and white.

TESMAT for the Model 3 / Model Y

  • The TESMAT consists of a carrying case that fits into the sub-trunk and 3 individual gel memory foam mats. The multi-purpose case acts as an insulated cooler for your drinks or lunch once you have removed your mattress.
  • The TESMAT bundle includes the bed, the case, gray bedsheets and privacy screen.

Feature Comparison

ProductMade for Model 3Includes BedsheetsFits in Sub-trunkWashable coverFree ShippingCooler Case
TESMATYes+$55 (plus bonus)YesYesYesYes

Please note: Prices are approximate for Dreamcase. Converted USB to EURO.

  • Bedsheets are a $84 EUR (approximately $100 USD) add-on through Dreamcase.
  • TESMAT is offering the bedsheets and privacy screen for only an additional $55 USD.
  • The Dreamcase includes travel pillows, whereas TESMAT does not.
  • The TESMAT is constructed of 3-pieces vs the Dreamcase consists of a complete mattress.

Dimension Comparison

Dreamcase35.43 inch76.38 inch2 inch
TESMAT38 inch75 inch2 inch
Dreamcase194 cm90 cm5.08 cm
TESMAT190.5 cm96.52 cm5.08 cm

I reached out to Dreamcase to learn that their memory foam is also 2-inch thick once you have fully assembled your bed.

View of Dreamcase Setup in Model 3
Dreamcase for the Model 3 / Model Y
TESMAT at Tesla Supercharger
TESMAT for the Model 3 / Model Y

When you fold down the seats in the Tesla Model 3 to make room for the mattress, there are some exposed metal parts (the seat hooks) inside the vehicle. A big concern that both TESMAT and Dreamcase have not yet solved is the likelihood of bumping into the exposed metal at night. It can potentially result in general inconvenience, or in more severe cases injury. I think it could be another great add-on if they manage to offer some kind of rubber or fabric that covers the exposed area and protects your body from harm.

Final Thoughts

In Bjørn Nyland’s review of the Dreamcase for the Model 3, he mentions that the set up was a bit clumsy for him. He also mentions that the box of the Dreamcase weighs about 20 kilograms! Yes, that's incredibly heavy, and it means picking up the box is anything but pretty. However, my experience with the TESMAT in three parts has made it much easier for me to set up by myself. In addition, the three Z folding rows from TESMAT squeeze easily into its bag and are extremely light. I had absolutely no problems unpacking and packing it thanks to the magnetic clasps.

Another disadvantage of the Dreamcase, as mentioned by Bjorn, is that the pillows being too stiff. Although they contain memory foam, they still feel far too hard for comfort. TESMAT does not come with pillows. Although you can buy a decent pair by spending just a little more without worrying about overspending, as the mattress is already much cheaper than the Dreamcase.

The TESMAT case is not only lightweight and easy to carry, but also waterproof, so you don't have to worry about water dripping into the trunk from above when washing your car. And, as already mentioned, it can also be used as a cooler for your drinks, as it's made of an insulating fabric.

These two products are designed for different people with different needs. TESMAT easily fits in the sub-trunk due to it being designed in three parts. While the Dreamcase does not fit in the sub-trunk. However, the latter is constructed in a single mattress that unfolds into your bed. They both do an excellent job in their marketing to really capture the stargazing with each car camping setup and beautiful camping spots!

In my opinion, TESMAT is the low-cost and space-saving winner. It will always be my choice in Tesla camping gear. You’re looking at approximately a $528 USD (or €450ish) difference between the memory foam mattress alone. If you really want to splurge, I recommend you spend the extra $55 USD (approximately €46) for their complete car camping kit which will give you the memory foam mattress & carrying case, sheets and privacy screen (YouTube Setup Video) for your windows.

To be honest, TESMAT is really hard not to recommend. If you are thinking of buying a mattress for your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y, try the TESMAT first. Depending on your hotel budget, you will get your investment back immediately in 2-5 nights, while supporting a small US based company.

Whichever way you go, I recommend folding down the rear seats and making sure you have enough headroom before placing an order. Both products extend to the back of the front seats to give you an idea of how much space you have to work with. I hope I've given you enough information to help you choose a mattress for your Tesla 3 / Y. Leave a comment below if you've ever camped with your Tesla. And if you haven't started yet, I suggest you start Tesla camping today and share your experience with me.

I see these new bed options as a spinoff of the vanlife. #teslacampmode?

TESMAT Unboxing for Model 3 & Model Y


Table of Contents

  1. Can the three separate mats move out of place while I’m sleeping?
  2. Exactly how big is the TESMAT mattress? How tall a person can it easily accommodate?
  3. Will TESMAT work with my Tesla Model S or X?
  4. Does TESMAT ship internationally?
  5. How many amps do I need to stay at a comfortable temperature overnight with the HVAC ON?
  6. How long does it take to charge my Tesla?

Can the three separate mats move out of place while I’m sleeping?

Absolutely not! They will stay put throughout the night since they have Velcro at the bottom which makes them cling to the layer of carpet on the back of the rear seats. Plus, the elastic fitted bedsheets that wrap tightly around the rear seat head rests and underneath the sub-trunk help keep everything in place and completely stable.

Exactly how big is the TESMAT mattress? How tall a person can it easily accommodate?

The exact size of the TESMAT is 75 inches. It is twin sized. A 6 foot 3 inch tall person can easily lie down on it on their back tip to tip. Plus, when you’re lying down on it, your body weight will make the mattress extend past the end a little bit past the rest of your rear seats’ headrests.

Will TESMAT work with my Tesla Model S or X?

Though TESMAT is currently optimized for Tesla Model 3 and Y, you can still fit it inside Model S or X.

Does TESMAT ship internationally?

Yes, it ships around the world. You can enter your shipping address at the checkout to have a look at the shipping cost.

How many amps do I need to stay at a comfortable temperature overnight with the HVAC ON?

5-12 Amps: I have tested using just a standard wall outlet and while this may help reduce the overall range loss overnight, you likely won't gain any range during your car camping night. You very well will lose range if you're running the HVAC system. I attached a graph below to illustrate using 12 amps below.

Odds are if you stay overnight at an RV park you can request access to either 30 or 50 amp outlet for charging your EV vehicle. You will us up some of the range gains by running the heating (more so) or cooling (less so) but you won't need to worry about losing range unless you crank the heat.

Alternatively, you can charge your car up to 90% before you are ready to sleep and remain within 100-125 miles from a Tesla Supercharger, if you're attempting this during the colder months in a Model 3.

How long does it take to charge my Tesla?

50 AMPS (via NEMA 14-50 or NEMA 6-50):
Model S: 23mi per hour
Model 3: 30mi per hour
Model X: 20mi per hour
Model Y: 29mi per hour

30 AMPS (via NEMA 10-30 or NEMA 14-30):
Model S: 17mi per hour
Model 3: 22mi per hour
Model X: 14mi per hour
Model Y: 21mi per hour

This is information taken directly from Tesla Motors while not using the HVAC system. Keep in mind these numbers will be greatly reduced if you're trying to keep your cabin cooler (less reduced) or warmer (more reduced) while you're sleeping on the TESMAT.

HVAC + 12 Amp Charging

Dreamcase vs TESMAT - for Tesla Model 3 and Y: Everything You Need to Know! 3

This shows what happens when you connect a Model 3 with 12 amps of charging power while running the heat to the 70s and listening to Bluetooth music over the stereo. The outside temperature was 50F and saw a range loss: 67.57 to 64.15 (3.42 mi loss) over this 1-hour test.

Cyber Monday TESMAT for Model 3

Cyber Monday TESMAT for Model Y

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Learn More About the Dreamcase

Unfortunately, I could not get my hands on or find any valid coupon codes for the Dreamcase, otherwise I would have included some here.

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Dreamcase vs TESMAT - for Tesla Model 3 and Y: Everything You Need to Know! 4

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