Dreamcase vs Tesmat – for Tesla Model 3: Everything You Need to Know!

I wanted to create a comparison page between these two products. I am gathering information from many sources and will aim for the most unbiased comparison.

Specifically designed for Tesla Model 3 & Y.

What’s included?

ProductPriceCarrying CaseIncludes SheetsTravel PillowPrivacy Screen
Dreamcase$679 EURYesNoYesNo
Dreamcase + Sheeting$758 EURYesYesYesNo
Tesmat$269 USDYesNoNoNo
Tesmat Bundle$314 USDYesYesNoYes
Dreamcase in the back of the trunk of a Tesla Model 3
Dreamcase for the Model 3
  • The Dreamcase includes a portable folding memory foam mattress and a microfibre foam cover.
  • While you are configuring your Dreamcase, you have an option to add bedsheets for an additional cost.
Tesmat in the back of the sub-trunk of a Tesla Model 3
Tesmat for the Model 3
  • The Tesmat includes a carrying case that fits in the sub-trunk and 3 individual gel memory foam mats.
  • The TesMat bundle includes the bed, the case, bedsheets and privacy screen.

Feature Comparison

ProductMade for Model 3Includes BedsheetsFits in Sub-trunkWashable coverFree ShippingCooler Case
TesmatYes$45 (plus bonus)YesYesYesYes
  • Bedsheets are a $79 EUR add-on through Dreamcase.
  • Tesmat is offering the bedsheets and privacy screen for an additional $45 USD.
  • The Dreamcase includes travel pillows, whereas Tesmat doesn’t.

Dimension Comparison

Dreamcase194 cm35.43 inch90 cm76.38 inch12.7 cm5 inch
Tesmat190.5 cm38 inch96.5275 inch5.08 cm2 inch

I reached out to Dreamcase to learn that their memory foam is 5-inch thick once you have fully assembled your bed.

View of Dreamcase Setup in Model 3
Dreamcase for the Model 3
Tesmat at a campsite
Tesmat for the Model 3

A concern that has been yet to be addressed by either Tesmat or Dreamcase is when you fold down the seats in the Model 3, there is exposed metal which I worry about bumping into at night. I feel it could be another great add-on, some sort of rubber or cloth piece that would protect your body from harm.

Bjørn Nyland’s Thoughts on Dreamcase

In Bjørn Nyland’s review of the Dreamcase for the Model 3, he does mention that set up is a little clumsy for him by himself. Whereas my experience with the Tesmat being in three strips makes it slightly easier to set up by yourself.

Final Thoughts

These two products are designed for different people and for different needs. The Tesmat fits in the sub-trunk due it being designed in 3-pieces. While the Dreamcast doesn’t fit in the sub-trunk, however, it is constructed in a single mattress that unfolds into your bed. They both do an excellent job in their marketing to really play up the stargazing with each car camping setup and beautiful camping spots!

Other Tesmat Articles

If you’re looking to learn more about the Tesmat mattress, I recommend checking out my article on their changes in v2 or my post on other awesome products for your next road trip!

I see these new bed options as a spinoff of the vanlife. #teslacampmode?

Photo by Martin Katler on Unsplash