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Tesla Road Trip: Arriving in St-Eugène – Day 4

This post is part of a 15-day electric road trip through Ontario, Quebec, and parts of the East Coast and back home. Today I reached St-Eugène.

Date: Saturday, January 25, 2020


I was able to charge the battery up in the Model 3 to 100%, which I found wasn’t completely necessary but I didn’t want it to dip below 20%. If it had, I would have woken up to a freaking cold car. What I found in the a.m. was that I used approximately 40 to 50% of the battery capacity to run the heater and Sentry Mode overnight, so charging was necessary in Bowmanville to make it to the next Supercharger on this trip.

Camera Gear:
Google Pixel 3 XL Not Pink Just Black Clearly White (Affiliate)
Google Photos App

YouTube Edition | Day 4

Kingston, ON Supercharger
King’s Crossing Fashion Outlet Centre
Kingston, Ontario, Canada

IMG 20200125 134627 | Graydon Schwartz
Kingston, ON Supercharger

I picked staying in Bowmanville due to there being a Planet Fitness nearby and of course the Supercharger. I have appreciated their hydro massage beds in my travels, which is a helpful therapy for all the sitting involved and the convenience of a clean shower. Oh, and of course, the ability to workout! ????

The road to Montreal was constantly coated with rain, sleet and eventually snow. I missed being able to safely use Autopilot or even activate Autopilot on this section of driving!

Casselman, ON Supercharger
Metro Casselman
Casselman, Ontario, Canada

IMG 20200125 171457 | Graydon Schwartz
Unable to charge, issues charging at the Casselman Supercharger

I tried switching chargers but kept receiving this error, pictured above. In order to get the car charged, I had to unplug and plug back in the car. I had to repeat this a few times to get it charged up fully.

IMG 20200126 100440 | Graydon Schwartz
Quirky Airbnb Kitchen | Pixel XL 3
IMG 20200126 101236 | Graydon Schwartz
Super Friendly Host Family| Pixel 3 XL

Awesome AirBnb! $33.88

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By Graydon Schwartz

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