How to Check If Your Tesla Qualifies for Free Supercharging

How to Check If Your Tesla Qualifies for Free Supercharging

I had a great experience with Tesla cars, the Model 3s are the most affordable car you can buy today. You can get a Model 3 with a battery range of 262 miles for a little under $40,000.

With a charge time of 40 minutes for a full charge, you don’t need to wait to be able to recharge your car. With the new Tesla charge network now available to customers, customers now have access to wicked fast charging at all Tesla stations.

There are over 10,000 Superchargers worldwide. Elon Musk stated that the Superchargers were free for life of the car when they were released, but does that still hold true?

How to Check If Your Tesla Qualifies for Free Supercharging Tesla offers free supercharging with all Tesla models. Free charging may be included with the purchase of a Tesla, but not all models qualify for free charging.

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Does Tesla still offer free Supercharging?

Tesla offers free supercharging occasionally, but it is not for the lifetime of the vehicle. Most often, they run promotions to boost sales before the end of a quarter.

Tesla, for instance, offered free supercharging for two years with the purchase of a Tesla Model 3 in the third quarter of 2019.

Tesla recently discontinued its referral program for cars and solar panels but left Solar Roof.

Current Teslas that possibly qualify for free unlimited Supercharging

The following Tesla models might still qualify for free unlimited supercharging. Contact Tesla to confirm:

Tesla ModelYear(s)Unlimited Supercharging status
Model S2012-2020Possibly available (excluding the S 40), confirm with Tesla
Model 32018-2019Performance trim only and only original owner
Model X2016-2020Possibly available, confirm with Tesla
Model Y2020-2021Nope (Unless you purchased in late December 2020)

Currently, no Tesla models from 2021 onwards are eligible for free unlimited Supercharging promotions

How to confirm whether or not your Tesla qualifies for free charging

Contact Tesla directly

Contacting Tesla directly is the easiest and clearest way to find out if you or your Tesla have free unlimited Supercharging. There may be a harder time getting a hold of someone these days, but whether it’s via phone or chat, it might be worth the wait to find out for sure whether you still qualify.

Please ensure that you have the VIN number handy.

Chat with Tesla

To find out if your Tesla model qualifies for free supercharging, visit Models that are eligible for free charging are the Model 3, Model S, and Model X. For more information about Tesla’s Supercharging network, visit

Check your Tesla account
  1. Sign in to your Tesla account
  2. Select “manage” and then “view details” next to your linked Tesla vehicle
  3. You’ll see the “free unlimited supercharging” option listed there
    Note: You will not be able to determine whether free unlimited supercharging is transferable if you select this option.

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