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Tesla Discontinued Referral Program for Cars and Solar Panels

In a notice on its website spotted by Electrek, Tesla said that “vehicle products and solar panels are no longer eligible for Referral awards” as of September 18th. Tesla discontinued Referral Program for cars and solar panels.

Although Tesla’s referral program has been around for a while now, it recently made waves across the web because of its discontinuation of solar panels and cars in the program.

For years, Tesla offered new Roadsters and free Supercharging for top referrers. Now, the program is a lot different.

Tesla eventually decided the program was too expensive to maintain, so the company axed it. A new program with more reasonable rewards followed shortly afterward, promising at least 1,000 miles of free Supercharging.

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According to Tesla, one of the favorites reasons for customers to tell their friends about Tesla is the Referral Program, which was relaunched with updated terms.

On its website, Electrek observed that the Roadsters that the company’s top referrers have earned have not yet been delivered, and members have complained on online forums about not receiving free Powerwalls they were promised years ago.

I hope that Tesla will be offering free supercharging again in the near future.

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