Madison, WI – East Towne Mall Supercharger – What Can You Expect?

Madison Service Center

A first look outside of the Tesla Service Center which is coming soon to Madison, WI in the next couple of months!

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Nearby Amenities
Pre-Condition the Battery
TeslaMate Charge Graph | 36.5F
How long did it take to charge? (15%-80%)

I recently made a post analyzing a charge session at the East Madison Hy-Vee Supercharger.

East Towne Mall Supercharger

East Towne Mall Supercharger
Madison, WI – East Towne Mall Supercharger

Nearby Amenities to Supercharger – Madison, Wisconsin (East Towne Mall)

Nearby Amenities

Mall: East Towne Mall
Mon-Sat – 10AM–9PM
Sunday – 11AM–6PM
Buffalo Wild Wings
Lulu’s 13 Pub (Open Late)
East Towne Mall Foodcourt

Pre-Condition the Battery

On the way to the supercharger, my battery began preheating for optimal charging due to it being 44F degrees outside and I arrived at the supercharger with a 15% state of charge (SOC) after the 35.71 mi drive.

Tip: You always want to use the navigation system when you’re heading to the supercharger so the battery can be optimally conditioned and heated up before you arrive at the charger.

Tip #2: You also want to pick a stall that isn’t shared. In this situation, I used the middle charger, a Model X was charging next to me and I was still able to get full charge rates. I think each stall here is dedicated?

TeslaMate Charge Graph

Time StampPower (kW)VoltageSOC ChangeTotal SOCTotal Range
00:00:0023328+0%15%44.43 mi
00:00:49114350+1%16%47.85 mi
00:10:51112374+25%40%122.60 mi
00:15:1599380+35%50%152.92 mi
00:19:4990385+45%60%182.37 mi
00:25:1676391+55%70%213.13 mi
00:31:4350396+65%80%242.21 mi
tesmatesuperchargersessionmarch62020 | Graydon Schwartz
TeslaMate: Supercharger Session

See the charge session: Snapshot

Charge Power was more consistent from the beginning of the charge to dipping at 40% SOC vs dipping almost immediately at the 150 kW charger at Hy-Vee.

How long does it take to charge the Model 3 from 15% to 80%?

It took approximately 32 minutes to go from 15% to 80%.

Like the information provided by TeslaMate? You can try it out yourself. I wrote up an article on how to get it set up here (self-hosted) OR learn more about TeslaFI AND Teslastics (hosted).

How much did it cost?

It costs on average $0.17 per kWh in the State of Wisconsin.

it didn’t cost me anything because I am still within the free charging with Tesla, however if you were to calculate this charge session it would cost approximately $12.41.

AI Augmented Sky

I used a new tool called AI Augmented Sky with Luminar 4 which I can’t wait to share more details on when I am able to, but you can see I added a bunch of birds to the Supercharger photo! #aiaugmentedsky #madewithluminar

By Graydon Schwartz

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