East Madison Hy-Vee Supercharger – What Can You Expect?

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Pre-Condition the Battery
Nearby Amenities
What kind of supercharge speeds can you expect?
Charge Power (kW) Taper
How long did it take to charge? (20%-90%)

Madison, WI – E. Washington Ave. Supercharger

Madison, WI – E. Washington Ave. Supercharger


I have set out to make the best, most comprehensive page on the Tesla Supercharger in Madison, Wisconsin. This page will have comprehensive data on charging speed and many beautiful graphs of data! I made this post for those curious owners, EV enthusiasts and/or possible future owners.

In this post, I will be sharing my charging findings for the East Madison, Wisconsin Supercharger in the Hy-Vee parking lot which charges up to 150kW max.

I have also tested the other east side location at East Towne Mall. East Towne is listed at 150 kW on the Tesla website however reports seem to point to 120kW. Check out my other article to find out!

Hopefully, in the coming months, we will also have a west side supercharger. This location has been mentioned on Facebook! 🙂 V3? We can only hope!

Pre-Condition the Battery

On the way to the supercharger, my battery began preheating for optimal charging due to it being 43-46F outside and I arrived at the supercharger with a 20% state of charge (SOC) after the 35.71 mi drive.

Tip: You always want to use the navigation system when you’re heading to the supercharger so the battery can be optimally conditioned and heated up before you arrive at the charger.

Tip #2: You also want to pick a stall that isn’t shared. In this situation, I used charger 2B and nobody was charging on 2A and I was able to get full charge rates.

Nearby Amenities to Supercharger – Madison, Wisconsin (Hy-Vee)

Nearby Amenities

Grocery Stores: Hy-Vee, ALDI
Coffee: Inside Hy-Vee (Caribou Coffee)
Post Office: Inside Hy-Vee
Western Union: Inside Hy-Vee

Other Nearby Businesses:
Sport Clips Haircuts of East Madison
ERIK’S – Bike Board Ski
Howard Johnson Plaza by Wyndham Madison

Hy-Vee has many Grab n’ Go food options, bar, restaurant-like atmosphere, and regular specials.

Bottom of Supercharger with a toy Tesla Model S
Plugged into 2B because 2A wasn’t in use. #teslacaching

What kind of supercharge speeds can you expect?

1 Minute| 138 kW | 562 mi/hr

Tesla Modle 3 LR AWD Supercharging
Tesla Model 3 LR AWD Supercharging

I observed a peak charge rate of 141 power (kW).

Charging Voltage ranged from 2.0 (start) to up to 406V.

12 Minutes, 26 Seconds| 93 kW | 378 mi/hr

Tesla Model 3 LR AWD Supercharging
Tesla Model 3 LR AWD Supercharging

TeslaMate Charge Graph | 44.6F

Time StampPower (kW)VoltageSOC ChangeTotal SOCTotal Range
00:00:00-12+0%20%61.52 mi
00:00:37136360+1%21%64.93 mi
00:02:32141370+7%27%82.89 mi
00:07:43106380+20%50%152.92 mi
00:22:3375392+50%70%212.70 mi
00:29:4950396+60%80%243.45 mi
00:39:5034398+70%90%272.53 mi

It took 7 minutes and 43 seconds to get from 20-50% SOC (+30%), whereas it took almost 10 minutes to charge from 80-90% SOC (+10%).

It would be at least another 10-15+ minutes to get to 100% SOC.

Tesmate: Supercharger Session

Charge Power hung out at 136-141 kW for a short amount of time and begins to taper down (see graph above) within a couple of minutes during the initial charge.

Tesmate: Close Up

TeslaMate – April 13, 2020 Update | 42F Outdoor Temp | 1%-90%

How long does it take to charge the Model 3 from 1% to 90%?

It took approximately 44 minutes to go from 1% to 90%.

How long does it take to charge the Model 3 from 20% to 90%?

It took approximately 40 minutes to go from 20% to 90%.

Like the information provided by TesMate? You can try it out yourself. I wrote up an article on how to get it set up here (self-hosted) OR learn more about TeslaFI AND Teslastics (hosted).