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TeslaFi or Teslastics? This Review Will Help You Choose

TeslaFi and Teslastics are both great tools that will help you keep track of your car’s location, charge, and more! The question is… Which one is right for you? (we’re looking at all the features in a side by side comparison) Read on in this review to find out which is best for you and your Tesla!

If you've just bought your Tesla, these apps are fascinating new tools that help you track your Tesla's battery degradation, as well as a number of other useful features: you can use it as a dashboard for all the important information about your car, such as speed, charge level, power consumption, climate settings, Amazon Alexa etc.

Would you like an extended period to try these tools out on your Telsa? Look no further: Use these links for a free whole month trial to Teslastics: 1-Month Trial & TeslaFi 1-Month Trial. Enjoy!

Let's find out how these two Tesla tracking tools stack up against each other!

Teslastics vs TeslaFi – What Are They?

These apps can provide you with near-real-time data about your Tesla’s charge level, so you can monitor battery usage to get the most out of your vehicle, which can be helpful without having to wait for the car to wake up.

You can track more than one Tesla from the same Teslastics account.

The presentation in Teslastics is very aesthetically pleasing, in comparison to TeslaFi.

TeslaFi, however, seems to have more detail in its user interface.

How To Use TeslaFi

SIGN UP: Try TeslaFi for one month for free.

  1. Fill in part 1 of the form
    1. Username:
    • Password:
    • E-mail:
    • Tesla Model:
    • Home Address – Used to calculate charges away from home.
  2. — OPTION 1 — Fill in part 2 of the form (
    • Username:
    • Password:
  3. — OPTION 2 — Fill in part 2 of the form (
    • Tesla API Refresh Token (Advanced):
    • You can use your Tesla credentials or, if you want to feel more comfortable, use your Tesla API Refresh Token to allow TeslaFi access to your live Tesla data.
  4. — OPTION 3 — (available after registration)
    • Settings > Tesla Account:
    • Allow TeslaFi To Generate My Tesla API Token:
    • Enter your credentials and TeslaFi will use them to obtain a token on your behalf.

That's it. It will start pulling data immediately from the Tesla API. Begin a charge session or go for a drive to start seeing data in your TeslaFi account! 🙂

TeslaFi vs Teslastics
TeslaFi: All Completed Charges To 100% Percent

How To Use Teslastics

SIGN UP: Try Teslastics for one month for free.

  1. Create an Account
    • Full Name:
    • Email Address:
    • Password:
  2. Under Account section
    • Tesla Email:
    • Tesla Password:
    • — OR —
    • Tesla API Refresh Token (Advanced): You can use your Tesla credentials or, if you want to feel more comfortable, use your Tesla API Refresh Token to allow Teslastics access to your live Tesla data.

That's about it! That's all it takes to setup your account and began gathering data in your Teslastics account.

TeslaFi vs Teslastics
Teslastics is pretty

Battery drain? TeslaFi vs Teslastics

Phantom Drain? They each have a way of holding off pulling data from the Tesla API so that your car can fall asleep when it is resting in the garage or elsewhere.

Teslastics Battery Drain

Teslastics default sleep setting is to go to stop polling information after 12 minutes.

TeslaFi Battery Drain

TeslaFi, on the other hand, tries to fall asleep after 15 minutes by default.

It is not recommended using both at the same time, as you may get problems with the car waking and drain your battery as these app have no way of communicating or working together in a smart manner.

Sentry Mode

Have you had battery drain problems before using any of these tools? It could be your Sentry Mode that intervenes and keeps your Tesla awake at night!

I have seen for myself that this feature keeps my car online when it could take a restful nap and switch to ultra-battery-saving mode, but people and cars pass by, triggering the camera to record in the garage and the Tesla wakes up again.

TeslaFi vs Teslastics – Features

Charge Tracking
Charging Summary
Software Tracking
Calc. Charging Costs
Calendar View
API Tokens (Security)
Battery Degradation
Lifetime Map
Sleep 15 Minutes
Multiple Cars Support
New Software Alerts
Android App
Sleep / Idle Data
Amazon Alexa Skill
Command Scheduling

Live Controls
Extended Community Features
Service Reminders
Service Log
Charge Tracking
Charging Summary
Software Tracking
Calc. Charging Costs
Calendar View
API Tokens (Security)
Battery Degradation
Lifetime Map
Sleep 12 Minutes
Multiple Cars Support
New Software Alerts
Android App
Sleep / Idle Data
Amazon Alexa Skill
Command Scheduling
Live Controls
Extended Community Features
Service Reminders
Service Log

Both services provide a firmware tracker that allows you to see the number of cars on different builds, as well as your own car and the time of the last update. Also, both run in the cloud, so you don't need to update any software on your computer or anything.

Teslastics – Daily Summary

Teslastics Daily Summary - TeslaFi vs Teslastics
Daily Summary

TeslaFi – Tracker Page

TeslaFi vs Teslastics
2020.12.5 is rolling out!

You can view TeslaFi's tracker page without signing up.

teslasticsmysoftsoftwareversions20191108 |
Teslastics: My Software Versions

Teslastics – Tracker Page

TeslaFi vs Teslastics
Teslastics: 2019.32.12.2 is the most common release in the Tesla Fleet right now (2019).

TeslaFi has the ability to schedule commands, which are executed depending on the time of day on your car. For example, such as warming up your car before your journey or cooling it down when your working day is almost complete. These tasks can also be location-dependent or only if your charger is connected. You could set it so that the charging process is finished at 6:30 am and is resumed at 7:30 am, so that your battery is warm and you can reach your destination by 8am.

Teslastics breaks down charging data according to the largest and fastest charges, which in my case is exactly the same charge, whereas TeslaFi shows Supercharger, AC, DC and CHAdeMo / CCS.

TeslaFi vs Teslastics
TeslaFi: Charge Count At Location
TeslaFi vs Teslastics
Teslastics: Biggest Charge & Fastest Charge

There are a number of features that TeslaFi has added that have not yet been added to Teslastics. TeslaFi has dedicated a page that shows which members are currently charging and other data.

TeslaFi vs Teslastics
TeslaFi Members: Currently Supercharging
TeslaFi vs Teslastics
TeslaFi: World Map

I like the addition of features that TeslaFi has added to their product however I prefer the appearance of the information in Teslastics. It's a touch choice but do think either would be helpful on a long road trip. Data is fun!

Extended Community Features in TeslaFi

top 10 vehicle names per teslafi for all models |
I created this graph with Canva. 🙂

Top 10 Vehicle Names Per TeslaFi (2021)

It's fun to see what other owners are naming their vehicles.

  • The most popular vehicle name for Model S is Tess with 33 cars.
  • The most popular vehicle name for Model X is Model X with 13 cars.
  • The most popular vehicle name for Model 3 is Tessie and Tess, tied with 80 cars.
All Models#
Life, the Universe, and Everything67
Model 360

The most popular vehicle name for all Tesla models is Tess and Tessie, 123 and 122 cars, respectively.

TeslaFi: Changelog

James has updated the changelog for TeslaFi with many changes and improvements. Most notably, now on the leaderboard you can view the highest odometer readings! I wonder if any of these are rideshare drivers? Impressive mileage!

Highest Odometer Readings (Jan 2021)

Pekka KiiskiS 85D378,376
kluuppo2S 85348,991
DelTacoDudeS 85300,397
taxi76S 85274,792
KickinS 90D270,097
longest drives by distance per teslafi |
I created this graph with Canva. 🙂

Longest Drives By Distance

TeslaFI has also added the longest drives by distance in the community section of the site.

User jvonbokel drove their Tesla Model 3 Long Range in the US state of Illinois for 12 hours 36 minutes on a 472.34 mile (760.16 kilometers) journey. This took place on 05/25/2019 with an incredible efficiency of 154.7%! Talk about Hypermiling! 🙂

Hypermiling is driving or flying a vehicle with techniques to minimize fuel consumption. Those who use these techniques are called “hypermilers.” In cars, this is an extreme form of energy-efficient driving. Hypermiling can be practiced in any vehicle regardless of fuel consumption.

Diving deeper into their TeslaFi profile we learn they own a 2018 Tesla Model 3 AWD with a starting range of 303.24 miles with 18,724.98mi starting odometer and now currently see 281.97 miles of range or a 21.27 mile reduction (92.99%).

We are able to see that they were probably running the software update 2019.16.2 73d3f3c at the time of this amazing hypermile trip that hasn't been beaten in 605 days. At least not in this ranking.

If you take the current 281.97mi (ca. 454 km) and multiply it by 154.7 percent, you get to 436.21, which I rounded up. That's still pretty impressive to get that range from a Model 3 now with 62,350 miles on the odometer.

TeslaFi vs Teslastics – Price

NamePer MonthPer Year

TeslaFi costs $5 / per month.

Teslastics costs $4 / per month.

TeslaFi has the option of prepaying for the whole year in advance and get two months free, which results in $4.16 / per month.

Best Tesla Data Logger


I am finding from the users signing up with my links that many who sign up for Teslastics, don't follow through after their trials, whereas TeslaFi users are more likely to sign up (ratio 6:0) after they have tried the service.

I vote for TeslaFi due to the fact that you are able to compare your car with other users with their web-based tool. Furthermore, TeslaFi brings much more regular updates to their offer.

It is the most used Tesla tracker app by thousands of Tesla drivers around the world.


What is TeslaFi?

TeslaFi ( offers comprehensive data logging for Tesla vehicles.

It provides information such as trip length, duration, elevation changes, and power used to produce the most accurate picture of your travel data.

What is Teslastics?

Teslastics ( is a platform to monitorize and analyze your Tesla.

Once you create an account and link your vehicle, it will capture every single drive and charge. You will have the option to access them and see their details in charts, images, and more.

Learn More About the TeslaFi

You can sign-up for 1-month trial of TeslaFi:

Learn More About the Teslastics

You can sign-up for 1-month trial of Teslastics:

Note: If you register with the Teslastics or TeslaFi referral / coupon links above, you will receive a trial period of one month instead of two weeks. This is a great way to decide whether the additional data is worth it for you.

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