Great Hidden Features for Traveling with Your Tesla

This article was updated on June 7th, 2020

Parking Brake

We are often told our cars do not have a parking brake, however Kim from the YouTube channel shares otherwise on her video titled, “The Hidden Features Tesla Will NOT Tell You About!“. In order to put the car in park you press on the end of the gear shifter stock. If you want to turn on the parking brake, you hold down on the same button but for 2 seconds and you will see an icon display on your touchscreen display. I feel relieved to learn this now when I park on a steep incline!


One of the easiest ways to turn it on is by simply tapping the temperature. If you tape it a second time you are given a popup that offers the ability to adjust to the specific temperature you would like appose from tapping on the little arrows that are always displayed next to the temp.

The quickest way to turn off the air conditioning is to tap and hold the blade icon for about 2 seconds.

Activating Autopilot While Not Moving

It’s not obvious at first but there is a way to activate Autopilot while you’re not moving. While you’re stopped at a red light, you can put your foot on the brake, turn on hill hold and then you will be able to lower the shift stock twice to activate Autopilot.

Reset Cruise Control Speed

While you’re driving with cruise control or Autopilot on you can easily reset the speed back to the standard offset by tapping on the little speed limit sign underneath your battery gauge. I have found this option to be helpful in many situations! You will now be back to your preferred speed while cruising on your road trip.

Quick App Opening

If you would like to reopen a screen (or app), like the backup camera for example in the YouTube video I am referencing, you can just swipe up on the main icon (arrow up icon) at the bottom of your screen and the last app you had opened will pop back up! The same goes for other options like the energy consumption screen.

If you swipe down on the navigate button it will automatically route you back to wherever you have set for your home location.

The interior of a Tesla Model 3.
Model 3 Interior

How to Safety Eject Your USB Drive

Press on and hold the dash cam icon at the top of your screen for 2 seconds to signal to the computer that you want to safely eject your USB drive. When the red light turns grey, this indicates it is now safe to remove your drive.

Disable Explicit Lyrics in Slacker

Press on the three vertical lines icon to enter the settings for Slacker.

Press on ‘Options’ and from here, slide the button over to the left to disable Explicit Content. It option will not be grayed out and you won’t hear bad language during your road trip.

Optimize Supercharging

Kim brings up an important tip for when you’re charging your car at a Tesla Supercharger. Be sure to leave space between your car and the next car. Most chargers at this point are labeled with either A or B (1A, 1B, 2A, 2B etc…). If you park in the stall right next to another person and it’s the same number, but different letter, you’re sharing the same circuit and will both experience slower charging during your session until one of you is finished charging.

The Supercharger in Mauston, Wisconsin (Culvers) is different from other chargers in that they positioned the stalls of different circuits together, so you actually end up parking right next to each other. It’s best to just look for the A|B and pick one that isn’t presently being shared with another car so you can keep moving on your trip.

A Model 3 charging at a Tesla Supercharger.
Model 3 Charging

Tesla Avatar

If one of your headlights was to burn out, your car on screen would depict being without light on that side of the car. This also works the same with with your taillights as well. Pretty neat!

You can see the turn signals on the virtual car or if you’re braking or regenerative breaking as well.

Tesla also engineered the little steering wheel on your display to react to the turning of the actual steering wheel. A nice little touch.

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The interior of a Tesla Model 3.
Model 3 Interior

Learn More

The dash cam and Enhanced Navigation was included in Software Version 9.0. You can find more information in regards to this update on their website here.

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