Tesla Refrigerator by TESCAMP Review

Tesla Refrigerator by TESCAMP Review

Exploring the Tesla Refrigerator by TESCAMP, I’ve unearthed intriguing insights. Is it worth considering for your Tesla Model 3? Absolutely, and here’s why: its unique features and seamless integration could revolutionize your road trips. Stay tuned for a deep dive into its game-changing potential.

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First Impressions: TESCAMP’s Sleek Packaging for On-the-Go Cooling

The package containing the TESCAMP portable car refrigerator is a sleek and minimalistic black cardboard box, with white line drawings and text that clearly communicate the product’s purpose and brand identity. The design of the box is simple as it consist of an outline of the refrigerator in style which hints at modern and utilitarian aesthetics suitable for vehicle use, particularly in a Tesla Model Y as indicated by its targeted marketing.

The packaging has a handy handle cut-out at the top meaning it is ready to be carried, this will be thoughtful for customers who buy it from retail shops. This packaging is visibly worn-out; hence there are signs of wear on it such as scuffs and a somewhat damaged corner suggesting that it has undergone some form of handling such as during shipping or display but this doesn’t take away from how this product looks.

In conclusion, the packaging of TESCAMP portable car refrigerator gives off an impression of class and specialization aimed at Tesla Model Y owners in need of an easy solution to cool their drinks when on the go. The branding is always there with clarity once again stressed on portability and suitability linked to certain lifestyles and types of cars.

Opening the Packaging

On opening the top of the product box, you see a styrofoam insert which protects it. For shipping and storage purposes, the insert is created to prevent damage or breakage. It has various cut-outs and hollows that match the shape of the refrigerator to hold it tightly and securely in place. The word “BOTTOM” is boldly imprinted at the center of the styrofoam acting as an orientation mark for this insert while there is also an embossment “DH05” that seems like a manufacturing code or any other general use because it does not relate to the actual product.

On opening the top of a product box for a TESCAMP portable car refrigerator, you will meet a foundation board. This board multi-tasks by having one side depicting how installation takes place whereas on its other face stands TESCAMP logo which I assume is its position when installed but mostly gets covered up once put in place.

The image gives the viewer a visual direction, which is connected to the use and installation of the product, while the presence of TESCAMP logo strengthens popular perception. It is likely that this is a sort of a shield that was created to protect refrigerator it sits behind the center rear console while driving while being transported or moved so as to ensure that it stays in place.

TESCAMP Portable Car Refrigerator

This TESCAMP portable car refrigerator is now unboxed and has a slick and compact design that makes it perfect for vehicle use, especially for Tesla Model Y owners who value convenience and style.

The refrigerator shows contemporary design in black and silver color scheme denoting premium quality product. The fridge has a user-friendly interface with its control panel likely having temperature settings and other functionalities.

On one side of the product there is an instructional sticker saying that it should be twisted clockwise for nine and a half times, this could be for starting up or using the refrigerator.

In another picture, we see the refrigerator opened at its door base on the protective stand which is part of the well-thought out packaging aimed at ensuring the safety of the item in transit.

This practical design feature enhances portability and ease of use of this refrigerator as can be seen in one of the close-up images; i.e., power cable storage box.

What’s in the Box

Installation Steps

  1. Lay the Load-bearing Board: Now, make sure that the load-bearing board is located underneath the front row seat to offer a firm support for the refrigerator.
  2. Position the Refrigerator: Then, place TESCAMP fridge on top of the load-bearing board in such a way that it will fit well under the seat.
  3. Secure the Refrigerator: The fridge should be fastened to the backrest of the seat in order to prevent it from moving while transporting.
  4. Connect Power: Locate and connect the power cable to your vehicle’s 12V cigarette lighter outlet.
  5. Power On: Finally press power button to switch on the TESCAMP fridge and then set it accordingly for best cooling.
TESCAMP: Portable Car Refrigerator Instructions

Install Notes

  • To ensure right air flow, make sure that nothing blocks the refrigerator’s vents.
  • Give it some time after turning on the refrigerator before putting anything inside as it settles to the temperature you want.
  • TESCAMP offers customer support to address any concerns or questions regarding the product within 24 hours. To contact them, use the email provided on the card.

Laying them down, I could fit six 12-oz cans of soda in the fridge.

Other than that, I was able to fix seven 12-oz soda cans this way:


To sum up, my initial experience with the Tesla Refrigerator by TESCAMP has been a journey into the world of mobile refrigeration that promises to transform the road trip experience for owners of Tesla Model Y. The cool packaging is premised on class as well as professional touch and it perfectly matches the needs of many people who need a convenient way of keeping their drinks cold on transit.
The unboxing process showed an extreme attention to detail from the protective styrofoam insert to the foundation board serving both as an installation guide and a protecting cover during transportation. The fridge itself is compact and looks great in black & silver colors – perfect for Tesla owners who appreciate both comfort and aesthetics.

The load-bearing metal board provided along with the package, which also has TESCAMP written on it, makes this process look more like a branding exercise than an installation guide, urging users to anchor it under their front row seat so as to ensure proper support. By having step by step instructions on how to install it, one can easily go through the setup steps without fear that while moving around the refrigerator will remain firm and safe.

Power cable storage box and door opening mechanism are some of the practical design features that contribute towards making TESCAMP portable car refrigerator highly portable and user friendly. The product will probably have an easy-to-use interface with features like temperature settings among others.

Stay tuned for an upcoming update where I will delve into the real-world usage and share my first-hand experiences with the TESCAMP portable car refrigerator as I eagerly await the opportunity to integrate this innovative cooling solution into my 2019 Tesla Model 3. For now, these appear quite promising and I anticipate that this product will match up to its game-changing potential for those who wish to get a reliable and fashionable companion for their road trips. Should you have any queries or worries remember that TESCAMP has a responsive customer support team which will make your journey together with their product seamless.

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