My Experience Flying a Drone in Miami Beach

My Experience Flying a Drone in Miami Beach
My Experience Flying a Drone in Miami Beach

What led me to Miami Beach was my desire to fly a drone in that location.

During a week-long meditation retreat, I was intrigued by the images of Miami Beach that I came across while researching the area. The towering resort skyscrapers in particular caught my attention.

It was fortunate that I had a newfound friend who was willing to take over driving the rental car for the remainder of the journey to Miami when my anxiety became overwhelming due to the new environment.

Shot with a Google Pixel 6 and edited with Luminar Neo.

I managed to capture a glimpse of a white Tesla Model 3 passing by!

Shot with a Google Pixel 6 and edited with Luminar Neo.

I had a great time admiring the stunning view from my friend's apartment window in Miami Beach. The view was exactly what I had hoped for, and even though I used my Google Pixel 6 to capture photos, they still effectively convey how breathtaking it was.

When it comes to my drone flight in Miami Beach, there are a few things that stand out in my memory.

Firstly, I had to make a decision upon arriving whether to pay for parking or not. Although I planned to fly for a short period of time, I didn't want to be stressed about getting a parking ticket, so I opted to pay for parking.

Secondly, I considered whether to fly from inside my car or not, but I was aware that doing so may limit the drone's reception. Ultimately, I prioritized staying relaxed during my flight, which was why I chose to pay for parking.

Shot with a Google Pixel 6 and edited with Luminar Neo.

After I managed to relax, I entered a flow state and proceeded to fly my Air 2S.

This was in stark contrast to my earlier experiences with flying drones. In the past, I tended to focus solely on capturing landscape photographs, and only occasionally managed to enter a flow state where I could take both photos and videos. However, upon returning home, I often felt overwhelmed by the amount of content I had accumulated.

I find traveling difficult these days because I always have content that needs editing. It feels counterproductive to travel when there's a backlog of photos and videos waiting to be processed. However, I've realized that sometimes it takes a while to fully process a trip or a particular session of media.

Currently, I'm in the process of posting a full video from my 2019 trip to Iceland (video link). Additionally, I'm also working on editing my photos from my recent trip to Miami in January.

It's just a matter of trusting everything will work out. There's no need to worry. Everything will work out in the end.

Developing the skill of jotting down all your ideas can greatly enhance your content creation. For instance, I recollect the story from my memory and later edit the pictures. Then, I decide whether to make a video or photo content. I find this process enjoyable.

I use a Google Pixel 6 to transcribe my speech into text, and the outcome is remarkable. While I may need to make minor edits or adjustments, it accurately transforms my voice into written text.

Shot with DJI Air 2S and edited with Luminar Neo.
Shot with DJI Air 2S and edited with Luminar Neo.

In conclusion, it was my passion for flying drones that led me to Miami Beach. While on a meditation retreat, I stumbled upon images of the beautiful city and was captivated by the towering skyscrapers.

I feel fortunate to have had a new friend who was willing to take the reins and continue driving when my anxiety became overwhelming in this unfamiliar environment.

Overall, my journey to Miami Beach was an adventure that was driven by my curiosity and love for exploring new places with my drone. I can't wait to see where my passion takes me next!

How do you like the skyline of Miami Beach? Let me know below!  

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