How to Bypass YouTube’s 1,000 Subscribers Requirement for Mobile Livestreaming

Are you looking for How to Livestream on YouTube from Your Phone? But, not quite to 1000 subscriptions yet?

I found a super handy app for your Android and iOS device that enables you to stream with any number of subscribers.

This method does involve live streaming whatever is on your screen so you will want to temporarily disable all notifications messages because you probably don’t want your text messages popping up while you’re sharing your epic drone flight to the whole world.

You do have the ability to have a Chatbox and/or Alertbox while you’re streaming which can be handy so you don’t have to switch between their app and your drone flight app.

Also note, your whole “DJI” interface will be shown in your stream.

Quick Setup Guide

  1. Download Streamlabs for Android OR iOS.
  2. Log in to Streamlabs with YouTube. You will be prompted to login with your Google account associated with your YouTube Channel.
  3. Choose your YouTube account or a brand account to continue to Streamlabs
  4. Tap on ‘Allow’ when Streamlabs wants to access your Google Account.
  5. You will be asked a series of questions during setup:
    1. Select: Screen OR Screen + Camera
    2. Widgets…
    3. Permissions
  6. Select ‘Start now’.
  7. Go live with the red button on YouTube!

You should now see your screen and you can now switch to Fortnite or whatever game OR app you want to broadcast. Be careful and silence anything you don’t want to show up in your livestream. Enjoy!

Setup Guide (with screenshots)

Download Streamlabs

Download Streamlabs for Android OR iOS.

Log in to Streamlabs with YouTube

Log in to Streamlabs with YouTube.
Log in to Streamlabs with YouTube. You will be prompted to login with your Google account associated with your YouTube Channel.

Tap on your YouTube account

Tap on the account with your YouTube Channel.

Source Setup

You will want to select the ‘Screen’ option. Also, you can select both options if you would like your Camera used as well.


Select your widgets. (OPTIONAL)


Tap on ‘Allow’.

Capture Warning

Read the notice and tap on ‘Start now’.

Broadcast Details

Tap on the three lines (button) in the upper left corner.
Tap on ‘Stream Info’ to change your settings.
On this screen you can change your stream title, description, permissions and category.

Go Live!

Wen you’re ready to begin your stream you can click on the red button.
Select an option from the list and it will immediately begin your stream!

Load up Your Game

Open up Xbox Game Streaming (Preview)!
Upgrade to Xbox Game Pass for $1: Gold to Ultimate and use Xbox Console Streaming to your mobile phone!
Wait for the game to load!


Forza Horizon 4 on Xbox OR PC

Learn more. Here, about StreamLabs!

I updated this post on May 25, 2020 to reflect the latest version of the Android App and setup process.