Can Switching to Optimize for the Google Page Experience Update?

Can Switching to Optimize for the Google Page Experience Update?
Can Switching to Optimize for the Google Page Experience Update?

After researching the impact of the “Google Page Experience” on website performance, I’ve discovered some surprising insights. I found that switching to not only aligns perfectly with this update but also boosts your site’s efficiency in unexpected ways. Let me share how this simple change can revolutionize your web presence.

As for the short answer: Yes, switching to can significantly optimize your website for the Google Page Experience Update. The compelling reason? It’s not just about meeting Google’s standards; it’s about transforming your site into a user-friendly powerhouse that visitors love to use.

Google Page Experience Update

Key Takeaways

  1. Boosts Website Efficiency: Switching to aligns with the Google Page Experience Update, enhancing site efficiency.
  2. Improves User Experience: The Google Page Experience update focuses on mobile site user experience; aids in optimizing this.
  3. Prevents Negative Impact on Ranking: Many mobile sites were negatively affected in rankings; helps avoid this issue.
  4. Not Just Tweaking, But Switching: The key is not just modifying your site but choosing a high-quality web host like
  5. Measurable Website Improvements: Transitioning to a fully-managed solution like brings noticeable enhancements to websites. Simple, Fast, & Secure WordPress Hosting

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The Google Page Experience update was rolled out in early February with the intent of improving the user experience with mobile sites.

The update negatively affected many mobile sites by lowering their ranking for relevant searches, or taking them completely off search results pages. How can I ensure that this doesn’t happen to my site? How can I make sure that my site is optimized to avoid being penalized?

Since switching to, I have seen significant improvements in Google’s Page Experience.

The solution isn’t always tweaking your website over and over, but just switching from cheap, oversold web hosts to a high quality web host and reaping the benefits.

As I went from managing my own server to using a fully-managed solution like, I noticed measurable improvements to my websites. does some great stuff in the background like caching your website close to your visitors, better security, optimizes your images, which Google loves, consequently increasing your website’s reach further.

Page Experience

Google Search Console

I saw 0% Good URLs from Tuesday, June 29th to Tuesday, August 10th until the first spike.

In the first spike, 94.5% of the good URLs with 2,432 impressions were displayed on Friday, August 14, 2021. This continues to ramp up until most recently where it shows 100% Good URLs.

Google Search Console

Due to the fact that Google uses this metric to determine how websites rank, keeping an eye on this is extremely important.

I didn’t see any significant data on Google discovery performance but did see a spike

Performance on Search Results

Google Search Console

Around Monday, August 2nd, I saw a nice peak of 294 clicks and 4,328 impressions.

It has since improved, with 291 clicks and 8,377 impressions on Friday, September 24.

Click-Through Rates

Now I need to improve the titles and copy so I can improve click-through rates as it seems to be number that isn’t improving with the better Google experience scores.

The results I see from Google are more people are seeing my blog posts and I need to get more people clicking those links.

Final Thoughts

In summary, upgrading to a better web host like can greatly enhance the Google Page Experience for all or many of your URLs. 🙂 With, you’ll immediately get Enterprise Cloudflare ($6,000 value, no configuration required!).

Enterprise Cloudflare ensures that users are protected from malicious attacks, even if they’re not aware of them. This is done by analyzing the source code of their sites and checking it against a list of known threats. If there are any vulnerabilities, these are automatically patched.

CloudFlare’s origins are in web performance, but it has grown into a tool that can be used to do much more than just speed up your website. It provides DDoS protection, content delivery network, security services and also includes email spam protection features.

The Google Page Experience Update is a huge change to how Google ranks websites. If you want your site to rank in search results, it’s critical that you make the necessary changes to optimize your website for this update.

In this post, I outlined some easy steps you can take to ensure that your site can take advantage of these updates and continue ranking. If you’d like to learn more about, get started today!

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