First Look at Easy Landscapes Collection Within Luminar AI Photo Editor

First Look at Easy Landscapes Collection Within Luminar AI Photo Editor
First Look at Easy Landscapes Collection Within Luminar AI Photo Editor

This is a unique editing experience with Luminar AI and its Easy Landscapes Collection. This is an entirely new way to edit our photos. Instead of starting from scratch, the new program gives you ideas that can be a great starting point. I haven't quite got my new desktop rig setup yet, so I did all these edits on a 9750H gaming laptop that handles the workload perfectly. Luminar AI is coming on December 15, 2020.

UPDATE: Luminar AI is available now! :)

Luminar AI Post Series

I'm going to use this top-down perspective photo that was taken on my road trip from Highway-1.

For this article, I will delve into the Luminar AI interface, so please bear this in mind. I did not feel the need to include the image gallery at the bottom of the image editing application.

Easy Landscapes Collection

Luminar AI started out by first suggesting the Easy Landscapes Collection, which has 6 different templates as of this writing. Forest Stream and Snowfall looked okay to me. Here, take a look at all of the options at 100%:

Long Exposure


Clean Light


Forest Stream


I have the feeling that it has started with a nice selection of edits that can be fine-tuned later on.

At the end I drilled into another collection of templates.

My favorite template suggestion is Razor at least for this image, which is in the Objects category. It added some much needed color, overall contrast and clarity to this photo.

Objects Collection: Razor

I would probably dilute the clarity a bit, because it looks a bit too sharp for my taste.

In the right corner of the screen you will see a slider with the name of the template used, which adjusts the intensity of the effects. As soon as I move the slider down to about 30%, it looks a little more realistic.

When you click on the Edit tab in the user interface, you will see exactly what the template has done with your image. In the case of this editing, you will see dots next to the following elements: LightImproving AIStructureAI and Details.

EnhanceAI: 45

StructureAI: 41

Small Details: 21
Medium Details: 25
Large Details: 0
Sharpen: 0

Time for Export

With the first release of Luminar AI there are options to Save to Disk, Mail, SmugMug or 500px.

If you use other editions of Luminar this will look familiar.

LuminarAI Save to Disk Popup Window

I really appreciate that you can see what each template is actually doing with the effects sliders.

If you would like to buy Luminar AI, you can right now! 😀

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