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与特斯拉Model 3长距离行驶一年。18,500英里的更新

My premium connectivity trial has recently came to an end, which reminded me that I’ve been driving my Tesla Model 3 Long Range for an entire year! The odometer just rolled over 18,500 miles (29,772.86 km) and felt I should write a report about the milestone.

It’s been a long road since I wrote about my first 1000 miles with my Model 3:
驾驶特斯拉Model 3长距离行驶的第一个1000英里。导航,也写了我最初的充电经历。 驾驶特斯拉Model 3长距离行驶的第一个1000英里。充电

You are able to stream Netflix, Spotify, and other premium features via your phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot. I have found that the main inconvenience is turning the feature on and making sure the car picks up the hotspot. WiFi turns off automatically from time to time.


  • 2019年底的更新。
  • + Tesla Theater: Netflix, Hulu & Tesla Tutorials
  • + Spotify
  • + 增加了对48KHz采样率的支持,以提高蓝牙音频质量。
  • + 驱动可视化 - See trash bins! Traffic lights!
  • +游戏。杯子头 - Tesla Edition (Which, I haven’t actually played yet!)
  • + 卡拉OK - 一起唱。
  • + 感到幸运还是饿了? 推荐一个当地的兴趣点。
  • + 改进的地方很多。
  • 2020年12月至1月更新。
  • - 减少音乐流媒体库(Slacker)。
  • 2020年9月-11月更新。
  • + 增加了对限速标志的检测!



We’ve used it a couple of times.


As other owners have written online, the catalog for the Slacker Radio app has been greatly reduced, where you can’t find any well-known mainstream artists or even lesser-known artists. I stuck with the artist radio stations I created when I took ownership but I haven’t been able to add any new artist radio stations since.

In my Canadian road trip series, I subscribed to Spotify to get my favorite artists back.


它在特斯拉官方论坛上被广泛讨论,并有许多帖子,因为有一段时间有一个隐形的Model 3,这基本上是特斯拉Model 3 Performance,没有轨道模式、高性能悬挂、刹车或车轮。有一些争议的是,长程模型3和性能模型3的前后电机是一样的。

Finally, they started offering a performance upgrade for M3 Long Range for 2000 dollars. I did well to resist the compulsion to buy. 😀 It’s just so fast and from what I’ve read, you need a high state of charge to get the full ‘boost’.



我在启用了自动驾驶功能的Model 3上发现了这一点,但没有启用完全自动驾驶(FSD)。如果我选择了FSD,我的车现在也会对走走停停的交通信号灯做出反应!我觉得很难为FSD再支付1万美元+税款,尤其是随着汽车的老化。我觉得很难为FSD再支付1万美元+税款,尤其是随着汽车的老化。


现在,我驾驶这架电动火箭已经行驶了18847英里,现在我看到当我把电池充电到100%时,最大续航里程为296英里(低于310英里)。不幸的是,我没有今年2月21日之前的数据,因为我还没有接触到 TeslaMateTeslaFi.


source | graydonschwartz.com
One Year With a Tesla Model 3 Long Range: 18,500-Mile Update 8


20200925 teslamate projected range | graydonschwartz.com
TeslaMate Graph (6-Months)

7 / 16左右的里程高峰是我们开始去南达科他州的时候。 🙂。

预计范围 - 电池电量

20200925 teslamate projected range battery level | graydonschwartz.com
One Year With a Tesla Model 3 Long Range: 18,500-Mile Update 9


20200925 teslamate projected range outdoor temp | graydonschwartz.com
特斯拉Model 3长距离行驶一年的情况。18,500英里的更新

Overall, seeing a steady battery progression as the car battery is aging. I know this isn’t the most scientific research but it’s the data I have with the data logger. The weather doesn’t seem to change the projected range too much but I can definitely say the range is greatly reduced in the winter months.

100 percent charge sessions | graydonschwartz.com
这份报告对了解你的收费频率很有帮助 100


teslamate charging stats | graydonschwartz.com
Unfortunately this chart does not include 2019 Oct-2020 Feb but at least a good portion of this year’s picture.


我仍然摇晃着原厂的一套挡风玻璃雨刷,但我最近以29.42美元(包括运费和税)订购了一套FCP Euro,我将在几周或一个月内安装。它们是/r /Teslamotors分论坛的许多人强烈推荐的,因为它们可以通过运输在汽车的生命周期内更换,FCP Euro为你提供新的替代品。希望它们能被回收?

I didn’t pay for supercharging at the time. It was really nice not to have these costs on trips to South Dakota and Canada. Okay, so I spent a total of $10 on charging for one night on the Canada trip. At home, we paid a maximum of $60 USD to recharge the car from time to time or to avoid stopping somewhere to recharge somewhere, and that with a fairly inefficient 120 V socket. If I had to pay for supercharging I would estimate it would have cost approximately $2079.28, based on $0.28 per kWh (US average). Consider buying a Tesla Model S, 3, X, or Y? If you could kindly use my referral link when ordering. I will use my extra miles to photograph our beautiful country. See below:

⚡⚡使用我的推荐链接,在购买和交付新的特斯拉汽车时可获得1000英里的免费超级充电器,或者在系统激活后通过购买或订购太阳能电池板获得100美元的奖励。 https://graydonschwartz.com/go/tesla

In terms of maintenance, I saw a significant savings. As for charging against refueling my previous Toyota Prius, it would probably be the same or even slightly better if I didn’t have the free charging from Tesla. We’re looking at about $0.1230- $0.1430 per kW (winter versus summer), i.e. $7.995 in winter for a 65kW charge or $9.295 in summer. Suppose you fill your Prius with 11 gallons of gasoline, you’re looking at $19.69 @ 1.79 (regular). In addition, I would have had to change the oil 3.7 times on both of the two previous cars, which would have costed approximately $300 for Mobil 1 Full Synthetic (total).

现在,当我把我的旧三菱蓝瑟Ralliart的燃料/性能比与Model 3的能量/性能比进行比较时,Model 3是不真实的,当涉及到0-60(5秒对4.2秒)和高效的双马达时,它远远优于后者。

I can’t forget that I had to refill the windshield wiper fluid, which cost $5 from Costco.

总而言之,我对这辆电动车和目前正在测试的未来全自动驾驶功能非常满意。我期待着在更多不知名的道路上拍摄一些FSD的有趣视频。, as well as some ordinary roads in Madison, Wisconsin. Thank you for reading to this point and can’t forget to thank our sponsor Arcadia below.

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