We Have Returned From South Dakota!

This article was updated on October 15th, 2020

We picked South Dakota because it had some of the lowest COVID-19 cases and because neither of us had visited many of the monuments or parks in the greater area! 🙂

We Have Returned From South Dakota! 2
Custer State Park

This photograph was captured on the Sunday Gulch Trail in the State Park. It is either at the beginning or end depending on which starting point of the loop you choose. We enjoyed it at the end of ours and it was one of the best views without power lines in sight, plus there were raspberry bushes all around this area! 😀

We Have Returned From South Dakota! 3
Custer State Park

This is a turnaround spot for RVs which has a nice short overlook trail.

Travel Stats: 2100 Miles

We Have Returned From South Dakota! 4
Rapid City, SD Supercharger

We spent 1 day, 16 hours driving.

We spent 1 day, 10 hours charging (AC) (at Home & our last hotel stay).

We ended up spending 8 hours, 19 minutes charging (DC aka Tesla Supercharging). We used these opportunities to walk about, explore Wall Pharmacy, or catch up on our Netflix watch list.

Return to Home Charges

LocationDurationCostAddedkW% Start% EndDriven
Wall39.0 min$7.5049.96 kWh76.9 kW24%92%60 mi
Oacoma1.1 hour$8.5857.19 kWh52.0 kW21%100%151 mi
Mitchell13.0 min$2.0613.72 kWh63.3 kW65%84%72 mi
Hotel (AC)14.0 hour$0.0021.37 kWh1.5 kW48%78%77 mi
La Crosse43.0 min$9.4755.73 kWh77.8 kW13%90%202 mi
Sherburn26.0 min$7.9037.61 kWh86.8 kW31%83%112 mi

Battery Level & Range

We Have Returned From South Dakota! 5
TeslaMate: Battery Level & Range


We Have Returned From South Dakota! 6
TeslaMate: Elevation

What do you think of those spires?

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