The Ultimate Guide to Getting a Tesla Referral Credit

Tesla doesn’t rely on traditional forms of advertising and marketing to sell their cars like major TV networks, billboards or newspapers, etc. They rely mostly on word of mouth from existing owners, bloggers (like me!), YouTube Influencers, and journalists to bring in new customers. The referral program is another tool that helps them reach new customers.

Unfortunately, this is not a very straightforward program and the terms seem to be updated regularly as people figure out ways to game the system. Elon Musk wants you to have a referral code after buying a car from him, so why wouldn’t you share this opportunity with your followers on social media?


Tesla has a referral program. If you’re considering buying a Tesla, it can be worth knowing that the company gives current and future Tesla owners ways to save money on their purchase.

Tesla has a referral program. If you’re considering buying a Tesla, it can be worth knowing that the company gives current and future Tesla owners ways to save money on their purchase. In fact, Tesla owners can enjoy free charging on their next purchase in addition to other savings and/or awards.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Here’s why the Tesla referral program is so great.
  3. What is the Tesla Referral Program?
  4. Where is my Tesla referral code?
  5. Can I refer a sale to myself?
  6. Can I use a referral code to reserve a Roadster or Cybertruck?
  7. Where can you find a Tesla Supercharger and how do you use it?
  8. Is the Tesla Referral Program Available Worldwide?
  9. What are the Secret Levels of the Referral Program?
  10. Tesla has made some changes to it’s referral program

Here’s why the Tesla referral program is so great.

Tesla was founded in 2003. Though the company has been making and selling their purely electric cars since 2008, and delivered almost 500,000 cars this last year alone (2020), even though the company has seen a huge increase in profits, it spends very little on marketing and advertising.

In addition to the Supercharging bonus, owners who refer Tesla sales get entered into drawings to win a Founders Series Tesla Model Y or a Founder Series Tesla Roadster.

Tesla likes to let its customers do the marketing for them and that’s why their referral program has been so effective. For this reason, the Tesla referral program has been highly successful in winning new customers for the brand.

What is the Tesla Referral Program?

Tesla’s referral program enables current owners to send a special code to prospective Tesla buyers, with a pretty big perk if the new owners take up the offer.

If you know someone who wants to buy or lease a Tesla Model S, Model 3, Model X, or Model Y, then simply refer them to Tesla. For every referral, you’ll receive a special bonus and they will, too.

When you refer someone to purchase a Tesla, you get free supercharge sessions and they get 400 kWh of free supercharging as well.

As a fellow Tesla owner, here’s a personal referral code that gives you a bonus on your purchase. Let’s both save some cash and help the environment!

  • Graydon’s referral code gives you 1,000 free Supercharger miles or $100 solar award.
    1. Solar Roof – $100 Award
    2. Solar Panel – $100 Award
    3. Model S – 1,000 Free Supercharger Miles
    4. Model X – 1,000 Free Supercharger Miles
    5. Model 3 – 1,000 Free Supercharger Miles
    6. Model Y – 1,000 Free Supercharger Miles

*(Model S, Model X, Model 3, Model Y)

Ordering over the phone or in a Tesla store? Order online using this code, and we will apply your credit towards your purchase: graydon36263.

Please note that referrals cannot be added after an order is placed or at time of delivery.

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The Ultimate Guide to Getting a Tesla Referral Credit 5

Beginning in September 2019, Tesla has added solar panels to its list of eligible purchases, and the Tesla solar roof in April 2020. So if you buy a Tesla solar power system via a referral link, you can receive a $100 cash reward once the solar panels are installed.

Where is my Tesla referral code?

Tesla Referral Codes. Don’t know where to find your Tesla Referral Code? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

Once you purchase a Tesla vehicle, you can refer your friends and family to buy their own. It’s how Tesla says thank you for being such an important part of the community.

If you haven’t received a referral code yet, check your Tesla app. If you still don’t see it, feel free to email the company at [email protected].

Your unique referral link appears directly in the Tesla app in the “Loot Box”.

Sharing your Tesla referral code is painless and quick. Your code is displayed in your profile page and easily shared with your preferred social media or email platform.

It’s easy to check your Tesla referrals on the web. Simply log into your account and visit the “My Tesla” page, which can be found at

If you are asking yourself “Can I refer a sale to myself?” the answer is YES. You can indeed earn a Tesla Bonus by referring a sale to yourself.

You already own a Tesla? That’s awesome! The best part is that you can receive more free Supercharger sessions on your second or third purchase, etc.

I have read many reports of owners upgrading from a Model 3 to a Model 3 Performance or Tesla Model 3 to a Tesla Model Y Performance using their own referral link, etc. Therefore, you should be able to use your own referral link and be eligible for the additional referral bonuses.

Regardless of the referral source, owners who order a new Tesla receive the same incentive.

Limited time offers – You may see other offers such as unlimited Supercharging, or 2,000/5,000 miles of credit – or even $1,000 off the purchase of a Model S or X, you are seeing old referral offers which are no longer valid.

I try my best to keep information on this blog post up to date to match the actual offerings by Tesla. 🙂

Can I use a referral code to reserve a Roadster or Cybertruck?

Presently, a referral code can be used to order a Model 3, Model Y, Model S, Model X or Tesla solar panel system

As other models enter mass production, I expect the referral program to add-on these new cars to the referral program.

You can’t get a Tesla referral bonus if you order a Cybertruck or Roadster.

Where can you find a Tesla Supercharger and how do you use it?

The Tesla Supercharger network is a global network of high-speed electric vehicle chargers that are designed for exclusive use by Tesla vehicles.

Each month, Tesla continues to add more Supercharger stations. Tesla also improved charging speeds by upgrading the chargers themselves.

It is a tool for simpler driving. Tesla Supercharger stations are strategically located to allow owners to drive from station to station with minimal stops.

Using a Tesla Supercharger is simple. Plug in, charge up, and drive. The onboard software gives you an estimated time until charge competition and displays the charging rate.

When you’re driving your Tesla and want a Supercharger nearby, use the navigation system to find one or press the button on your steering wheel and say, “Navigate to supercharger”.

Tesla’s GPS shows you a map of the Superchargers network, and how many stalls are available at each. You can find real-time information about the network’s status. The car will also alert you when it’s time to stop charging to avoid paying an idle fee.

Within the turn-by-turn route is information on how much charge you will have if you return back to where you are, which is helpful for when needing to know if you can make it back for a round-trip.

To view the Supercharger network, please visit and

Is the Tesla Referral Program Available Worldwide?

While Tesla’s referral program is global in scope, there are legal restrictions in various regions that further limit the program.

Residents of Wisconsin are eligible for benefits. However, participants from Ohio and Virginia may not be eligible to receive incentives for referring friends and family, due to local laws.

The benefits differ depending on the country you reside. In Europe, 1,500 km of free charging is offered, compared with the 1,000 mile range in the United States.

For questions regarding the Tesla referral program, please email [email protected].

What are the Secret Levels of the Referral Program?

Tesla’s earlier referral program had a secret bonus level. Referrals are very important in the world of business, and Tesla is an innovative company that understands this. Referrers of Tesla products had the opportunity to earn a 2% discount towards the purchase of the upcoming new version of the Tesla Roadster Founders Series.

The Founders Series Roadster will sell for $250,000, which means the two percent bonus was actually quite substantial. Once an owner reaches 55 referrals, they will be able to take home a free Roadster.

According to Tesla reps, the current referral program does not include any secret levels.

Since March 1st, 2019, Tesla made some changes to it’s referral program

  • From March 22, 2019 to April 27, 2019, Tesla offered 1,000 Free Supercharger Miles
  • From April 28, 2019 to May 29, 2019, Tesla offered 5,000 Free Supercharger Miles
  • From May 30, 2019 to September 9, 2019, Tesla offered 1,000 Free Supercharger Miles
  • Starting September 10, 2019, Tesla offered 2,000 Free Supercharging Miles for Tesla Solar referrals and changed to a $100 cash award near September 19, 2019
  • From September 10-30, 2019, 2,000 Free Supercharging Miles with Delivery
  • As of January, 2020, Cash bonus for solar referrals increased from $100 to $250.
  • As of June, 2020, Model Y added to Tesla Referral Program.
  • As of July, 2020, cash bonus for solar referrals increase from $250 to $400 for referrer and decreased from $250 to $100 for buyer
  • On July 15, 2020, Referrers of Tesla solar panels or solar roof can earn a Tesla Powerwall home battery storage unit when they refer 10 customers
  • In Summer 2020, Tesla changed the expiration of bonus miles.

Tesla is rumored to have given away at least $23 million in free supercharging this year (Q1 2021), but the reality is that Tesla has one of the best referral programs in the industry – and offers enough credits to drive for significant time.

In the United States, 1000 miles converts to approximately 400kWh of free Supercharging credits if you use the national average of $.28 per kWh. So, we end up at about $224 as both you and the buyer benefit from this perk. So, $224 isn’t too crazy but it can add up quickly when gamed or otherwise a popular person refers large amounts of their fanbase.

I’ve looked at a number of YouTubers creating Tesla-related content who actually have a lot of Supercharger miles but are unable to burn all their credits, especially because some have a million miles (1000 referrals) that expire within 6 months. So, I believe some of these $23M worth of credits are going to waste.

Tesla could remove its online referral links from its cars, possible due to abuse of the program as a reason for its decision. It is unknown when this change might occur, but I hope they keep parts of the program. Maybe they limit the total number of credits you can hoard, slow down redemption rate, or grant a 50% discount on 1000 Supercharger miles?

After reading a few different articles on this topic, it seems that Tesla might be opting to offer it’s referral program only offline or in person in the future. I suspect that it may require the use of a QR code and GPS to ensure that participants are close to each other.

Learn More: Tesla Referral Program

*(Model S, Model X, Model 3, Model Y)

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