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The New West Madison Supercharger Is Now Fully Operational

West Madison, Wisconsin, now has an eight stall supercharger operating at v3 250kW charge speeds.

Yesterday I checked out the new West Madison Supercharger. It opened on Wednesday, September 22nd during the evening hours.

These brand new chargers are located in the Hy-vee grocery store parking lot on South Whitney Way.

It is the third Tesla Supercharger in the Greater Madison Area and features eight superfast V3 Supercharger stations.

The City of Madison will also get 8 additional Tesla Supercharger stalls soon, which will bring Madison’s total to 27.

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West Madison Supercharger © 2021 Graydon Schwartz

A member of the EV charging community shared that the chargers had lights last night and was updated to list this location as operational. This location hasn’t yet been added to the Tesla App or website.

“First report of construction was 7/22/21. Now Live 9/22/21 = 60 days (8-1/2 weeks) They have definitely improved site construction times from what used to average 90-120 days a couple years ago. Of course, each site can run into delays for various reasons.”

Tesla drastically reduced construction times from what they used to be, sometimes halving them.

My battery was at 45%, but for the best results, I recommend arriving with at least 10-15% of its remaining capacity. To test out their potential, I will have to return under those conditions soon to see if I can see the highest peak charging rate.

Come visit the new West Madison Tesla Supercharger.

By Graydon Schwartz

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