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The Benefits of Topical CBD for Sore Muscles and Tension

When I experience a bad cluster headache or migraine, I reach for two all-natural products. My first choice used to be CBD Balm with soothing mint, but it has been discontinued. However, for over four years now, I have been using this balm to help soften my headaches. The closest available substitute is the CBD Balm Stick, offering a soothing, natural cooling sensation to effectively alleviate the pain. Discover the benefits of Topical CBD for sore muscles and tension.

On a trip to Iceland, I had the chance to try their new CBD balm, which I found to be more effective at treating the aches and pains that result from sitting all day. When I returned from a trip to Chicago and felt discomfort, I applied the balm, and it greatly accelerated the healing process. The next day, I only felt minor discomfort, all thanks to the remarkable benefits of Topical CBD for sore muscles and tension.

The second product I use is CBD Muscle Gel, but it has a tendency to drip or travel if you apply too much to your neck or back. However, it’s still a solid choice as it comes in a form that is already absorbable into the skin without requiring melting, allowing you to apply it directly to the affected area. You can simply rub it against the area you are treating, without the need for rubbing your hands together. This makes it a convenient and effective option for targeted relief.

A friend recommended a third product for headaches called Magnesium Coca Butter Cream by Seven Minerals. While the cream has an unusual scent, it may be worth trying. One advantage of this product is that it does not contain menthol, which means it won’t make you feel cold.

Lazarus Naturals offers high-quality CBD that can be consumed orally. If you’re sensitive to full-spectrum hemp, it’s best to start with a low dose and gradually increase it. While CBD doesn’t produce a “high” like THC, taking too much CBD can sometimes cause discomfort and feelings of being unwell.

In my experience, topical application of CBD provides more relief for sore muscles and tension compared to taking CBD orally from a tincture or CBD chocolate bar. This method also allows for more targeted relief, which can be beneficial for specific areas of the body.

If you’re interested in trying CBD and looking for flavor suggestions, Lazarus Naturals offers Chocolate Mint and Strawberry Lemonade flavors. These can be a great option if you’re not a fan of the taste of hemp oil, as they make taking CBD more enjoyable. Personally, I prefer the taste of Chocolate Mint.”

After a long period of computer use, I find it refreshing to apply some minty or other flavored CBD balm to my sore neck and upper back. This is usually enough to get me through the day and even avoid the need for over-the-counter pain medication.

While topical CBD has its limits and may not reduce pain in every situation or for greater levels of pain, it can still help reduce pain if you pay attention to the sensation before and after applying it. It’s worth trying if you want to avoid pharmaceuticals, but everyone’s experience may vary.

While Lazarus Naturals’ latest product, THC-containing gummies, features a nice low amount of THC and a high amount of CBD not found in any of their other products, I personally did not enjoy the taste of these gummies. As a result, I requested a refund, which the company promptly obliged. Instead, I decided to try their CBD chocolate, which is much more enjoyable and flavorful.

In addition to the effectiveness of their products, I am impressed by Lazarus Naturals’ commitment to social responsibility. They offer a 60% discount to veterans, individuals on long-term disability, and low-income households. This is an admirable way of ensuring that their products are accessible to those who need them most.

Furthermore, Lazarus Naturals’ dedication to growing, harvesting, and producing their own hemp products ensures that they have control over the quality of their products from start to finish. This attention to detail and commitment to transparency is not always seen in the CBD industry, and it gives me confidence in the integrity of their brand.

Overall, I highly recommend Lazarus Naturals for anyone looking to incorporate CBD into their wellness routine. With their range of high-quality products and commitment to social responsibility, they are a brand that I am proud to support.

By Graydon Schwartz

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