TESMAT vs TESCAMP — Which Tesla Mattress is Better?

TESMAT vs TESCAMP — Which Tesla Mattress is Better?
TESMAT vs TESCAMP — Which Tesla Mattress is Better?

Recently, I received a request to write a follow-up article to my previous comparison of Dreamcase and TESMAT, this time incorporating lots of research into the TESCAMP Tesla camping mattress for Model 3 & Y. So, let’s dive into this new comparison of specialized Tesla mattresses: TESMAT vs TESCAMP.

Are you in search of the perfect Tesla mattress but finding it difficult to choose between TESMAT and TESCAMP? Allow me to assist you. Functionally, both mattresses share similarities, but it’s worth noting that TESMAT was the pioneer in space-saving foam mattresses specifically designed for the Tesla Model 3.


  • Contoured for Model 3 or Model Y trunk
  • Perfect for road trips
  • Soft, supportive comfort
  • Space-saving foldable design
  • Use "GRAYDON20" for $35.67 off TESCAMP
Buy for Tesla Model 3


  • Mattress for Tesla Model 3 & Model Y
  • Quick return on investment
  • Effortless setup
  • Sleep or rest anytime, anywhere
  • Case doubles as beverage cooler
  • Free shipping & returns in the USA
  • Use "GRAYDON20" for $20 off TESMAT
Buy for Tesla Model 3

What’s included?

Product TESCAMP for Model Y TESCAMP for Model 3
Carrying Case Included Included
Sheets Not Included Not Included
Price $202.10 $202.10
Buy Links Buy Now Buy Now
Product TESMAT for Model Y TESMAT for Model 3 TESMAT Bundle
Carrying Case Included Included Included
Sheets Not Included Not Included Included
Price $249.00 $249.00 $324
Buy Links Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now


TESMAT: Want it now? Pay up front. Looking for a little more time? No problem. TESMAT has something for everyone.

TESCAMP: With TESCAMP, you can also pay over time with the PayPal Credit option.

Dimension Comparison

Product Name Length Width Height
TESCAMP for Model 3 75.6″ 41.3″ 2.6″
TESCAMP for Model Y/X 73″ 41.3″ 2.4″
TESMAT for Model 3 75" 38" 3''
TESMAT for Model Y 75" 38" 3''

TESCAMP for Model 3: 3 individual mattresses (75″ x 12″ x 2.6″) to form a twin sized mattress (35″ x 75.6″ x 2.6″).
TESCAMP for Model Y: 3 individual mattresses (75″ x 12″ x 2.6″) to form a twin sized mattress (35″ x 75.6″ x 2.6″).
TESMAT for Model 3: 1-piece design unfold to form a twin sized mattress (38” x 75” x 3”)
TESMAT for Model Y: 1-piece design unfold to form a twin sized mattress (38” x 75” x 3”)

TESCAMP Tote bag: 20” x 14” x 12”
TESMAT Carrying Case: 22” x 14” x 10”

At first glance I thought the TESCAMP was an absolute rip-off of the TESMAT line of mattresses for Tesla Model 3/Y. The logo screamed TESMAT and the font initially looked the same to me.


I re-visited the TESMAT website and it seems George has gone in a different direction with their logo.

Okay, but once I was able to look past the copied font, I realized it wasn’t a complete replication of the TESMAT…Kudos to the 2nd gen TESCAMP (Model 3 or Model Y versions), which is nicely tailored to to the shape of the trunk, which is pretty sweet. TESMAT doesn’t currently offer this fitment for either model, but I don’t think that is a deal breaker. As of now, TESMAT mattresses are designed to conform to the trunk shapes of the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y, respectively.

Both the TESCAMP and TESMAT fit in rear sub-trunk, which the TESMAT pioneered.

Besides fitting inside the frunk (front trunk), TESCAMP is also available on Amazon, but I recommend buying direct to save money.

Tesla Model 3

The versatile camping mattress for your Tesla Model 3 will take you on an unforgettable adventure! With this mattress, you can rest easy wherever you go, whether you’re road tripping, boon-docking, or camping in the great outdoors under the stars.

Crafted with certified memory foam and covered with a soft, plush cover, this mattress provides the ultimate in comfort and support. Unlike traditional inflatable mattresses that are noisy, hard, and prone to air leakage, this mattress gives you a cozy, home-like bed feeling for all your adventures and trips.

For Model 3 (2021 and after)

TESCAMP Camping Mattress for Tesla Model 3

  • For Tesla Model 3 (2021+)
  • Quick setup
  • 2.6" premium memory foam
  • Stores in subtrunk/frunk
  • Size: 75.6"x41.3"x2.6"
  • Use "GRAYDON20" for $35.67 off TESCAMP
Buy from TESCAMP

For Model 3 (2020 and before) – Like New

  • Designed for Tesla model 3 (2020 and before)
  • Quick and easy setup
  • 2.6" premium memory foam
  • Stores in subtrunk/frunk
  • Compact dimensions: 75.6"x41.3"x2.6"
  • Use "GRAYDON20" for 15% off TESCAMP
Buy from TESCAMP

Foldable in its convenient storage bag and equipped with two built-in fastening clips and straps, this mattress is easy to pack and fit into your sub-trunk or frunk, saving valuable space in your Tesla. And with three sections that form a twin-sized mattress bed, you’ll have plenty of room to stretch out and relax after a long day of exploring.

Setting up your Tesla camping mattress is a breeze! Simply move the front seats forward, fold down the back seats, and lay out the mattress. Cover it with the provided sheet, and you’re ready to enjoy a restful night’s sleep in the comfort of your Tesla.

Plus, it’s no longer a boring rectangle – it now perfectly matches the shape of your Tesla Model 3’s trunk floor, so you won’t have to worry about movement or split-up issues.

Now, a heads up for our Canadian friends: if you’re importing from the US, customs duties may apply. And for those of you with a 2021 or 2022 Tesla Model 3, you may have a little trouble fitting this mattress in your hidden trunk space, but for all you 2020 Tesla Model 3 owners out there, get ready to hit the road and start your next adventure!

Tesla Model Y

Not only does the 2.4-inch mattress provide ample cushioning for a comfortable sleep, but it also offers excellent support for your body throughout the night.

With its superior design, this bed ensures that you wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to take on the day ahead.

I also appreciate how easy it was to assemble this mattress. With clear instructions and not needing any tools, putting it together was a breeze.

TESCAMP Camping Mattress for Tesla Model Y

  • For Tesla Model Y
  • Rapid setup
  • 2.4" premium memory foam
  • Fits in subtrunk/frunk
  • Size: 73"L x 41.3"W x 2.4"T
  • Use "GRAYDON20" for $35.67 off TESCAMP
Buy from TESCAMP

Add-on for Tesla Model Y

Model Y Compressor Refrigerator

  • Quiet, sleek design for Model Y
  • 21°F in 10 minutes
  • Less than 1 kWh daily consumption
  • 365-day free return guarantee
  • Use "GRAYDON20" for $44.85 off TESCAMP
Buy from TESCAMP

Picture yourself embarking on a thrilling road trip, winding through rugged terrain and taking in breathtaking vistas along the way. After hours of adventure on the road, you decide to take a well-deserved break and reach for your TESCAMP Fridge. You’re greeted with a refreshing blast of cold air as you grab an ice-cold drink to quench your thirst. The perfect way to recharge before diving back into your journey.

Now, imagine yourself in the heart of the wilderness, surrounded by stunning natural beauty. You set up camp in a serene spot and start preparing your favorite snacks. With the TESCAMP Fridge’s dual-zone feature and a whopping 18L capacity, you have plenty of room to store everything you need for an epic adventure. No need to worry about food going bad or warm drinks, the TESCAMP Fridge has got you covered.

TESCAMP for the Model 3 / Model Y


  • Tote storage bag fits in frunk (front trunk)
  • Separate Model Y & Model 3 editions
  • Great value


  • less thick mat material (from testimonials)
  • In their marketing they have some cool canopy but is found nowhere else in their store

TESMAT for the Model 3 / Model Y


  • 2.5″ thick mat material
  • Carrying Case doubles as a drink cooler
  • Fits both Tesla Model 3 or Model Y


  • Currently only available for Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y


Although the TESCAMP can fit nicely in the frunk, I prefer to use that space to store my Tesla charging cable and adapters. Personally, I find the TESMAT’s 3 inch thickness (which some reviews say is actually 2.5 inches) more comfortable than the TESCAMP’s thinner mattress. It’s also worth noting that if you switch between the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, you can still use the TESMAT while the TESCAMP is not interchangeable as it is specifically cut to fit each trunk.

To help you save on your purchase, I can offer a $20 discount on both TESMAT and TESCAMP. While you can purchase them quickly on Amazon, I recommend waiting for the original 3-inch TESMAT for the best quality and comfort.

If you’ve tried out any Tesla camping mattress, such as TESMAT or TESCAMP, please share your experience with us in the comments below. Your feedback can help others make an informed decision when choosing their own Tesla camping mattress.

If you’re considering buying the TESMAT or TESCAMP, please refer to the links included in this article. Don’t forget to look out for current promotions or discounts to ensure you get the most value for your purchase.

I appreciate your time in reading this article, and I hope it has provided valuable insights to assist you in choosing the ideal mattress for your Tesla.

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