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Tesmat Quietly Refreshes Their Bed To Double As A Cooler

Tesmat Quietly Refreshes Their Bed to Double as a Cooler

TESMAT has modified their carrying case to be insulated and waterproof. You can now keep it cold with ice and pack it up with your favorite beverages.

TESMAT is offering a free set of fitted bedsheets if you order before 2/15/20.

Also with their 2nd generation bed, the mattress has been simplified to just 3 foldable mats instead of 6 mats and the mats are now a black color made of a softer suede-like material.

Now with ‘Camper mode’ released you can now keep your climate on while charging all of your gadgets up so you’re able to capture that beautiful sunrise the following morning!

The automaker wrote about “Camp Mode” in the release notes:

Your car can now maintain airflow, temperature, interior lighting, as well as play music, and power devices when Camp Mode is enabled. To enable Camp Mode, tap the fan icon at the bottom of the touchscreen and set ‘Keep Climate On’ to ‘CAMP’ while your car is in ‘PARK.’

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