Tesla Superchargers Are Expanding in Wisconsin This Year

Tesla Superchargers Are Expanding in Wisconsin This Year
Tesla Superchargers Are Expanding in Wisconsin This Year

Tesla is scouting locations for Supercharger locations in the north, which is a good sign for the state of the Wisconsin.

The work of the Glendale, Brookfield, Menomonee Falls and Madison Superchargers is starting soon.

  • M&GE is installing 16 chargers: Eight v3 Superchargers* (Tesla only) and eight High-powered DC chargers (Non-Tesla) on Main Street in Madison (Target opening in Q4 2021)**.
  • Tesla will be adding eight new v3 Superchargers* to West Madison at 675 S. Whitney Way (Target opening in Q3 2021)**.
  • Tesla will be adding eight new v3 Superchargers* to Menomonee Falls at W124N8145 WI-145, Menomonee Falls, WI 53051 (Target opening in 2022)**.
  • Tesla is close to negotiating a deal for Superchargers in Brookfield (Target opening in 2022)**.
  • Stevens Point is officially in the planning phase of Tesla's roadmap (no date at this time).

*Tesla's V3 Superchargers provide a maximum of 250 kW of charging power, equating to 1000 miles of range replenishment per hour.
**Information is located on 

Left: Official Tesla Map Right: supercharge.info Map

Host a Supercharger

Tesla is trying to get more Superchargers rolled out by opening up a "Host a Supercharger" program. A lot of people are interested in the program, but they likely need to be high traffic areas or strategically placed for popular traffic routes. This is a great opportunity for property owners and communities to bring in more customers. Check out the program and let me know what you think!

Possible Expansion

  • Tesla is in talks with a supermarket chain to install Superchargers in the Eagle River & Minocqua areas.
  • Also, met with Trigs and Kwik Trip in the past couple of month.
  • Supercharging expansion is driven by these meetings.
Kwik Trip Locations in Wisconsin

If Tesla and Kwik Trip start building Superchargers at their 376 Wisconsin locations (as of 2019), it could be so huge for Tesla owners and EV owners. I doubt if this was to happen, that they would only supply Tesla Superchargers. Probably there would also be DC fast charging stations. Really, this could be so massive for the EV industry.

Kwik Trip has EV charging currently, but it's only a 120-volt plug-in (standard wall outlet), which are often blocked or in confusing locations at the convenient gas stations. If you're looking for greater charge speed than 3-5 miles per hour, look elsewhere.

If you live in the Milwaukee or Waukesha County areas, you’re in luck! There is the possibility for five new locations coming, as well as Appleton and Fond du Lac but this could always change. I found this information posted on https://teslaclubwi.com/owner-fyi, which doesn't require any login and shows up in Google Search so I am consider this common knowledge.

It looks like Tesla will be expanding its Supercharger network to meet the demands of new customers. I will try to post an update on my blog if anything emerges from this.

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The Ultimate Guide to the Tesla Referral Program
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