Tesla Battery Loss Over 86 Hours With Sentry Mode On

This article was updated on June 7th, 2020

This is a worst-case scenario but still worth noting. Sentry Mode was on for this whole test. Our garage averaged temperatures between mid-50Fs to low-60Fs. This is a scenario many apartment dwellers may face because they want to protect their ass-et with the built-in dashcam!

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Sentry Mode – Battery Drain Test With TeslaMate

I recently went over how to install TeslaMate in a cloud instance. We will be looking at the information provided by the graphs provided by TeslaMate.

Vampire Drain Graph
Vampire Drain

Range (estimate/realistic) from 224 to 173 (51mi loss).
Range (ideal/tesla) we see a drop from 268 to 207 (61mi loss).

Vampire Drain - 823 Ft. Elevation
Vampire Drain – 823 Ft. Elevation
Vampire Drain - Temperatures
Vampire Drain – Temperatures

Does tesla sentry mode drain battery?

Yes it does!

tesla sentry mode battery usage

Idle time: 3.6 days OR 86.4 hours
Total SOC loss: -20%