TESBEAUTY Tesla Headrest Pillow Review

TESBEAUTY Tesla Headrest Pillow Review
TESBEAUTY Tesla Headrest Pillow Review

Welcome to my comprehensive TESBEAUTY Tesla Headrest Pillow Review, designed specifically for Tesla Model 3/Y owners who are either under 5’7″ or above 5’7″ in height.

My Tesla Model 3 is almost reaching 60,000 miles. I’m surprised that I haven’t used a headrest pillow during any of these miles until now. It’s hard to believe it took me this long to get one. I’m also wondering how I managed all that driving without a pillow, especially during Tesla road trips to Canada (twice), New York, South Dakota, Colorado, Georgia, Maine, and more.

As for the longevity of these pillows, they’ve spent their time in various environments. They’ve been resting comfortably in my garage under average temperatures, but they’ve also endured scorching days when the mercury hit 95 degrees and beyond. While Tesla cars come equipped with a system to prevent the interior from becoming an oven, it’s still a testament to the durability of these pillows that they’ve weathered such conditions remarkably well.

In addition to my experience with the TESBEAUTY Tesla Headrest Pillow, I’ve also had the opportunity to review their mattress product. If you’re interested in reading my thoughts on their mattress or want more insights into their products, you can find the dedicated blog post on my website: TESBEAUTY Mattress for Tesla Model 3 Preview. Now, let’s dive into the detailed review of these headrest pillows and see how they’ve enhanced my Tesla driving experience.

Before delving into the review, let me provide some background information about the company that provided me with these headrest pillows:

TESBEAUTY: Elevating Your Tesla Experience with Passion and Style

TESBEAUTY hails from Denver, CO, but operates its sales team and warehouse in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Specializing in Tesla Accessories since 2019, the diverse TESBEAUTY team comprises members from various countries who share a common passion – being Tesla owners and adoring every aspect of the Tesla car.

Their enthusiasm lies in embellishing their cars to achieve a sleek and impressive appearance, as well as enhancing comfort for an enjoyable driving experience. Moreover, they revel in an outdoor lifestyle, engaging in activities such as cycling, hiking, camping, and road trips.

TESBEAUTY Tesla Headrest Pillow Review

TESBEAUTY Tesla Headrest Pillow Review

Let’s explore how TESBEAUTY and the Tesla Headrest Pillow can enhance the comfort and style of your Tesla driving experience.

Because I am approximately 5’9 tall, I chose the 5’7 or taller variant. I really like the Tesla logo on the pillows as it adds a nice branding touch. However, my main priority is the extra comfort it offers during extended drives or while waiting for supercharging.

Headrest Pillow Options for Different Heights

Under 5’7″

TESBEAUTY Tesla Headrest Pillow Review for Model Y/3 for Under 5’7″ (Black)

TESBEAUTY Tesla Headrest Pillow for Model Y/3 for Under 5'7" (Black)

  • 2-Pack of Nappa Leather Matches Model 3/Y
  • Designed for Under 5'7"
  • Use "GRAYDON" for 5% off TESBEAUTY
  • OR apply code "TESBEAUTY20" for up to $50+ Black Friday discount at TESBEAUTY!

The pillows designed for people below 5’7″ include four straps (two slightly different lengths). To install them, you place the straps between the headrest and the seat first, and then attach them to the pillow. This clever design hides the straps for a more discreet installation, which also allows the pillows to sit a bit lower to accommodate shorter drivers.

Above 5’7″

TESBEAUTY Tesla Headrest Pillow Review for Model S/3/X/Y for Above 5’7″ (Black)

TESBEAUTY Tesla Headrest Pillow for Model S/3/X/Y for Above 5'7" (Black)

  • 2-Pack of Nappa Leather Fits Model S/3/X/Y
  • Designed for Above 5'7"
  • Use "GRAYDON" for 10% off TESBEAUTY
  • OR apply code "TESBEAUTY20" for up to $50+ Black Friday discount at TESBEAUTY!

At first glance, they might look quite similar from the front, but the real differences become apparent when you flip the pillows over. The pillows designed for people above 5’7″ have an adjustable strap. This strap worked perfectly for me at its default length, allowing me to easily attach the pillow to my seat.

Perfectly Match Your Tesla Interior

If you own a Tesla Model 3 or Tesla Model Y with a white interior, you’re in luck because TESBEAUTY offers white Tesla headrest pillows that perfectly match your car’s interior. So, not only can you enjoy the added comfort during your drives and supercharging, but these pillows will also complement the white interior of your Tesla beautifully.

TESBEAUTY Tesla Headrest Pillow for Model Y/3 for Under 5’7″ (White) $66.49

TESBEAUTY Tesla Headrest Pillow for Model S/3/X/Y for Above 5’7″ (White) $56.99

Headrest Pillow Recommendations for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y

If you are uncertain about which model of headrest pillows to purchase for your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y, consider the following suggestion. If you have a partner who is shorter than 5’7, it might be a good idea to buy both models. You can use one model designed for owners under 5’7 for your partner, and the other universal fit model without the logo for yourself if you are taller.

Not only will this ensure maximum comfort for both you and your partner during your Tesla journeys, but it also adds a touch of personalization to your car’s interior. With the option to switch between the two headrest pillows, you can easily cater to the different height requirements of both passengers.

Impressive Customer Ratings for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Headrests

As the reviewer, it’s important to note that I haven’t had the headrests for long enough to write a long-term review. While the current 592 ratings on Amazon with an average rating of 4.3 stars indicate a positive impression from many customers, it’s still relatively early to assess their long-term durability and performance for the pillows I am testing.

Additionally, my research on Fakespot, a website that helps detect fake reviews on Amazon, revealed that majority of the reviews for these headrests were real. This further reinforces the legitimacy of the positive feedback they have received, adding to their credibility as a reliable product.

In summary, the high number of positive ratings and reviews, coupled with the absence of many fake reviews, makes these headrests appear to be a compelling choice for anyone looking to improve their car ride comfort. However, it’s essential to keep in mind the limited time I’ve had the product and the need for more extended use to provide a comprehensive long-term review.

Hot Weather Caution and Comfort Benefits of TESBEAUTY Car Pillows

Because of the hot weather today in Wisconsin, I’m concerned that both the chairs and the pillows in the car could become very hot. When you get in your car, it’s essential to be cautious before sitting back on the pillows immediately. It might be better to sit forward for a few moments until the car cools down to avoid discomfort from the hot pillows.

This week, I’ve been grateful for having the pillows in the car because they provide extra support for my neck, bridging the gap between my neck and the headrest. It’s been helpful since my neck has been bothering me lately.

However, during long drives or road trips, if I start feeling drowsy, I’ll consider removing the pillows. The reason is that being too comfortable might increase the risk of falling asleep while driving, which is dangerous. It’s essential to stay alert and focused on the road for a safe journey.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the TESBEAUTY Tesla Headrest Pillow Review demonstrates that these pillows have proven to be a valuable addition to the driving experience for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y owners. With their focus on enhancing comfort and style, TESBEAUTY has successfully delivered headrest pillows that cater to different heights and car interiors. The pillows have garnered impressive customer ratings, attesting to their quality and customer satisfaction.

As I mentioned before, the headrest pillows offer much-needed support for the neck, making long drives and road trips more comfortable. However, it’s important to exercise caution during hot weather, as the pillows and car seats may become uncomfortably hot. Taking a few moments to let the car cool down before leaning back on the pillows is a wise precaution.

While the headrest pillows provide added comfort, it’s crucial to remember the importance of staying alert and focused while driving. If the pillows make you too comfortable and drowsy during extended drives, it’s advisable to remove them temporarily to ensure safety on the road.

Overall, the TESBEAUTY Tesla Headrest Pillows have received a positive TESBEAUTY Tesla Headrest Pillow Review, providing comfort, style, and support for Tesla owners. Whether you are under 5’7″ or above, these headrest pillows could be a worthy investment for enhancing your driving experience in a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y. As with any driving accessory, always prioritize safety and remain attentive while on the road. Happy driving!

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