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Tesla’s New Update: Speed Camera Detection and Enhanced Driver Monitoring

Tesla Integrates Speed Camera and Red Light Camera Detection In a move that echoes popular navigation apps like Waze, Tesla is set to integrate speed camera and red light camera detection into its vehicles. This feature is part of Tesla’s latest software update, FSD Beta, also known as update 2023.27.12. The update includes code…


Test Drive: TeslaFi vs Teslascope, A Month Of Data Logging 2023

I recently stumbled across an app called Teslascope, which bills itself as a “Tesla-only” app. At first glance, that sounds great – so many Tesla owners already spend enormous amounts of time and effort tracking every Tesla-relevant bit of data they can find. This discovery led me to compare TeslaFi vs Teslascope to understand the…

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Exciting Update: Cybertruck Delivery Event Invitation Now Included in Tesla’s Referral Awards!

According to multiple news sources, Tesla has included the Cybertruck Delivery Event Invitation as one of the rewards that can be redeemed using referral credits (although this option is not yet available). The date of the event has not been confirmed yet. It’s interesting to note that there are now more choices for utilizing our…

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TESMAT vs TESBEAUTY — Which Tesla Mattress is Better?

n the realm of specialized Tesla mattresses, a recent request beckoned for a fresh installment that delves deeper into the comparison between Dreamcase and TESMAT, now infused with a substantial exploration of the TESBEAUTY Tesla camping mattress tailored for Model 3 & Y. So, let’s embark on this novel expedition of evaluating these distinct options:…

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The Ultimate Guide to the Tesla Referral Program

Tesla’s referral program is a great way to spread the word about their eco-friendly innovative company, score some complementary fast-charging on the Tesla Supercharger network, and score a sweet reward. Tesla doesn’t rely on traditional forms of advertising and marketing to sell their cars like major TV networks, billboards or newspapers as Ford and Toyota,…


Best Wireless Smartphone Chargers for Tesla Model 3 & Model Y

As a Tesla owner myself, I understand that you want the best accessories to use with your Model 3 or Model Y. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of the best wireless smartphone chargers for Tesla cars. Check them out below! Table of Contents Wireless Charging Overview Charge Your Phone Wirelessly in Your Tesla Model…

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How to Charge an Electric Car at Your Apartment or Rental Property

Introduction I’ve done a lot of Google searching to determine some of the best options for renters and apartment occupants. Here’s how to charge an electric car at your apartment. Since I had two years of free supercharging and only had access to 110 volt outlets, I relied on the Tesla Supercharging Network for a…

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Tesla Camping: How and Where to Camp and Charge Your Tesla

Let’s talk about charging your electric car and how that relates to Tesla camping. After writing my review of the Dreamcase and TESMAT, I left out discussions about charging and what to expect when using the HVAC with Tesla camping. The best option is to have a Tesla Wall Connector or a standard J-1772 plug…

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How to Calculate Your Tesla Safety Score

It is possible to know what your Tesla’s safety score is. This leads many to wonder, “How to Calculate Your Tesla Safety Score?” “FSD Beta 10.2 rolls out Friday midnight to ~1000 owners with perfect 100/100 safety scores. Rollouts will hold for several days after that to see how it goes. If that looks good,…

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Attempting to Raise Tesla Safety Score from 97 to 100

Tesla is working hard to make sure that their cars are the safest on the road. With the technology that they are integrating into their cars, Tesla has added a button to supported cars as of 2021.32.22 which allows you to request access to the latest Full-Self Driving (FSD) beta. Tesla is monitoring drivers who…