Tesla Updates Model S & X! Must See Photos! 🔥

The new Model S and X interior feature a more clean, simplistic look similar to the Model 3 and Y, with an integrated horizontal screen, wireless charger, and new steering wheel. A rear screen for passengers and a new steering wheel ennobled the unveiling of the new Tesla Model S. Mileage also rose significantly which…

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TESMAT Black Friday 2020 Sale

TESMAT is offering free privacy screen + bed sheets with the purchase of a Mattress for your Tesla during it’s TESMAT Black Friday 2020 Sale. It is a wonderful gift to the TESLA owner in your life! 🙂 Save $79 USD / $103 CAD on your order total. TESMAT Model 3 TESMAT Model Y How…

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New Ultimate NEMA Adaptor Kit from Tesla Now Available

I went ahead and ordered this kit before I realized it was something new from Tesla, NEMA Adaptor Kit! I thought why run the risk of not having the right adapter when travelling. Each item typically costs $35 with no option or discount for ordering more than one. Now you can save a little money…