Superchargers for Non-Tesla EVs Are Briefly Launched by Tesla in the US

Since many months now, Tesla has made it clear that non-Tesla EV owners will be able to access its Supercharger network. Despite running pilot programs overseas, there has been scant information about how it may work in the US. On the Tesla App, the company opened up membership options for non-Tesla owners last evening, and has since removed them.

Sawyer Merritt reported on Twitter on August 17, 2022, that the Tesla mobile app showed Supercharger membership packages for non-Tesla EV owners. According to him, there are "pay per use" options and a membership option that only costs $0.99 per month. Each account requires a separate membership, and you can charge a maximum of five times per day.

Aside from the seemingly low $0.99 membership fee, Merritt added relevant information to the Twitter thread. His account does not have a non-Tesla EV, so he signed up to see if it would work. According to Merritt, Electrify America charges $4 per month, so perhaps Tesla's $1 price is intended to undercut its competitors. 

It didn't take Tesla long to remove the option from the Tesla App. Just before midnight, Merritt accessed the information for the last time. There may have been some test being conducted by Tesla and it was hoped that most people would not notice. There is also the possibility that Tesla made a mistake or there were bugs that need to be fixed before the membership program can be officially launched.

Thus, we're not overly concerned with the details or the price. We cannot verify any of the details until Tesla officially announces the membership options and notes that they are intentionally available on the app.

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