Rank Math vs Surfer SEO: Which SEO Tool Gives Better Value


Today we’re going to pit Rank Math vs Surfer SEO. Both of these tools are similar in the fact that they show SEO metrics for your website and provide suggestions on increasing ranking. However, there are some key differences too. I’ve put together this post to answer the question “Which tool is better for an SEO, Rank Math or Surfer SEO”?

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Why SEO ranking is important?

Why ranking higher for Google is important? SEO ranking is important no matter what your marketing goals are. You might be trying to drive more leads, online sales or even awareness. Whatever your goal, you need to try and rank well in the search engines if you want a chance at achieving it.

Rank Math

rank math vs surfer seo analytics overview updated | Graydon Schwartz
Rank Math Analytics

I’ll give you an introduction to the Rank Math SEO WordPress plugin, which was created by Bhanu Ahluwalia (CMO).

The plugin mainly focuses on On-Page SEO technique by understanding what is wrong with particular keyword which you are trying to rank for in your web page content. It has an option to insert targeted keyword in your web page content while you are writing it.

The step-by-step wizard sets up your site’s SEO, social profiles, webmaster profiles and other SEO settings.

*30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Surfer SEO

rank math vs surfer seo compare your website to competitors | Graydon Schwartz
Surfer SEO

With Surfer, you can uncover content ideas from multiple data sources. The more keywords you include, the more suggestions you’ll get for articles and landing pages. You’ll see dozens, if not hundreds, of topics.

Using the Surfer tool, you can optimize written content, like blog posts and articles, by analyzing the content against “500+ on-page” signals.

It includes a built-in keyword search tool as well. But the basic idea is that you write a blog post and use Surfer to analyze the first page of results for your target keyword.

With Surfer, the content creation, strategy, and optimization process are integrated into one easy-to-use software, helping content teams grow brands and organic traffic.

*During this promotional offer, you will receive 30 days of Surfer Basic plan for $1, plus additional NLP credits. If you don’t cancel during the 30-day period, the subscription will renew at the full price ($59 per month).

SERP Analyzer
rank math vs surfer seo serp analyzer | Graydon Schwartz
Surfer SEO SERP Analyzer

The SERP Analyzer shows the word count used by the top ranking pages 1-10, 11-21, etc.

  • 1-10 Position in Search Result: 2421.6 Words
  • 11-21 Position in Search Result: 4044.9 Words
  • 22-31 Position in Search Result: 2767.2 Words
  • 34-44 Position in Search Result: 4770 Words
  • 45-49 Position in Search Result: 5220.4 Words

In the case of this keyword, less is more when it comes to content length.

Although Rank Math doesn’t have anything like this yet, it does track your website’s ranking for certain keywords. In this way, we can see what’s improving over time or what’s not performing as well as it should.

Why Rank Math vs Surfer SEO?

I know this seems strange, but I believe both Rank Math and Surfer SEO have excellent integration with WordPress. When you use Surfer SEO, you get an extension that integrates you with WordPress.

With Rank Math, you have a plug-in that deeply integrates with WordPress.

Rank MathSurfer SEO
WordPress EditorContent Editor
N/AContent Planner
SERP AnalyzerSERP Analyzer
SEO Audit (kinda)SEO Audit
N/AKeyword Research

Rank Math vs Surfer SEO: Pricing

Rank MathPriceIncludes
Rank Math Pro$59/yearUnlimited Personal Websites
Rank Math Business$199/yearUnlimited Client Websites
Surfer Basic$49/mo10 Content Editors / month
20 Audits / month
Free NLP for 1st month
Surfer Pro$99/mo30 Content Editors / month
60 Audits / month
NLP Included
3 team members
Surfer Business$199/mo70 Content Editors / month
140 Audits / month
NLP Included
10 team members
White Labeling
API Access

It only costs a little more than a month of Surfer Basic ($59/year vs $49/mo) to sign up for Rank Math Pro for the entire year.

WordPress Integration

Due to the fact that Surfer SEO is not a WordPress plugin in the full sense, it does not slow down your WP-ADMIN, which I find extremely useful.

Chrome Extension: Surfer

Using the Chrome Extension, I have found that you only need to click on the Surfer button in the WordPress editor and it will show “SURFER LOADED”.

Rank Math vs Surfer SEO
Surfer Chrome Extension

Final Thoughts

Rank Math has been my go-to tool for years and I recently added Surfer to ensure I’m following SEO best practices while writing. By using Surfer’s Content Brief within Content Editor 2.0, I am able to find the right keywords and write those first few paragraphs quickly.

As a result of Rank Math and Surfer, you can see your score out of 100 to gauge your content’s optimization. The suggestions I get from Rank Math differs from that of Surfer, so I am feeling that I am getting a more comprehensive optimization of my websites.

For example, Rank Math will usually suggest I reduce the length of the post URL, including internal links or adding a table of contents.

Whereas Surfer might advise you to shorten your blog post to a certain word count, suggest other keywords in include in your content or AI-generated blog intro.

Although there is some overlap, both SEO tools are powerful in their own right. They can easily be used together without breaking your WordPress site.

With Rank Math, you get a better value for your money, and you will keep up with Google Search updates.

If you want to significantly improve your SEO strategy, you should try both of them. They both have their strengths and weaknesses.

If you have any comments, thoughts, or questions about these SEO tools, please leave them below.

Rank Math

*30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Surfer SEO

*During this promotional offer, you will receive 30 days of Surfer Basic plan for $1, plus additional NLP credits. If you don’t cancel during the 30-day period, the subscription will renew at the full price ($59 per month).

Black Friday Surfer SEO

There does appear to be a Black Friday 2021 promotion for SurferSeos, so Black Friday SurferSEO 2022 should be no different. 🙂

SurferSEO Black Friday 2021 2022 08 08 093340 | Graydon Schwartz
Thanks for the madness that was our Black Friday Frenzy 2021! Make sure to follow us on social media! We’re just getting started!

The company offers a 42% discount on their annual subscriptions made upfront, or a 30% discount on monthly subscriptions for the first 6 months. This offer is part of the Surfer Black Friday Cyber Monday deal.

By Graydon Schwartz

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Hi Graydon,

Great article 🙂 thanks for sharing

In surfer basic, it’s included (10 Content Editors + 20 Audits), sorry, but what exactly are content editors and audits?
Is it the number of new blog posts that we write using their app? because 10 blog posts a month is not much 🙁

Since there’s a big difference in terms of price between these 2 apps, do you still consider surfer to be truly useful and needed for your ON PAGE SEO, when you also have Rank Math.

Thanks for your help and article.


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