Quick Tip: Why Are My HDR Images Loading up All Warped?

This article was updated on June 7th, 2020

Aurora HDR 2019 by Skyrim was just released today and I have come into a sticky situation. Why is my loaded HDR image coming up with lens distortion when the photos looks fine in Adobe Lightroom CC 2018? In this example I am using 5 bracketed photos taken from my DJI Phantom 4 Pro + for this HDR image.

I found the solution!

I selected Export => Open source files (Aurora HDR 2019), however when you export using these settings, Lightroom doesn’t provide Aurora with the lens corrected images!

Instead go to Export => Edit a Copy with Lightroom Adjustments (Aurora HDR 2019) and now when your images load in Aurora they will be lens corrected and beautiful!

I found this to be a bit confusing because I hadn’t made any changes to these images, but they weren’t loading up properly? Well, I hope this little quick tip post helped you!
Now that my images are loading in properly, I am off to the races!

4 thoughts on “Quick Tip: Why Are My HDR Images Loading up All Warped?”

  1. What happens when you export from Luminar though? Is the image still proportional?

    My experiences have been they did not… Granted using an 8mm lens, but still. Was hoping you might have some insights?

      • Hey Graydon,
        Thanks for replying back to my comment.

        I am in fact using Luminar with Lightroom – and using the Panasonic GX85 with Leica 2.4/4.0 8-18mm.

        I’ve tried all sorts of different approaches such as opening images just in Luminar: made edits > then open in LR
        (however the camera info is no longer attached, so LR doesn’t automatically know which lens you are using. And trying to manually select the right Lens Correction under the Leica Profile, 8-18mm flat out isn’t there…?).

        Then tried importing to LR first > then Plug-in Extras > Luminar — Same distortion in image

        LR > Export > Export to Luminar — Same distortion in image

        Lastly LR > selected photo > right click > Edit In > and tried both options available there, to edit in Luminar. All with the same distortion in image!

        Im at a total loss on what to do! Any suggestions, or recommendations are openly welcome lol

        Best Regards,
        Shane Scheitlin

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