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Quick Tip: Why Are My HDR Images Loading Up All Warped?

Quick Tip: Why Are My HDR Images Loading up All Warped?

Aurora HDR 2019 by Skyrim was just released today and I have come into a sticky situation. Why is my loaded HDR image coming up with lens distortion when the photos looks fine in Adobe Lightroom CC 2018? In this example I am using 5 bracketed photos taken from my DJI Phantom 4 Pro + for this HDR image.

I found the solution!

I selected Export => Open source files (Aurora HDR 2019), however when you export using these settings, Lightroom doesn’t provide Aurora with the lens corrected images!

Instead go to Export => Edit a Copy with Lightroom Adjustments (Aurora HDR 2019) and now when your images load in Aurora they will be lens corrected and beautiful!

I found this to be a bit confusing because I hadn’t made any changes to these images, but they weren’t loading up properly? Well, I hope this little quick tip post helped you!
Now that my images are loading in properly, I am off to the races!

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