Portage Watertower View from Lake Wisconsin

Below are three different views of one of the Portage Watertowers with the Wisconsin River in view which are absolutely mirror-like.

20190717 DJI 91 HDR Edit |
Portage Utilities
20190717 DJI 71 HDR Edit |
Portage Utilities
20190717 DJI 76 HDR Edit |
Portage Utilities

Which one is your favorite? I was pleased with how these turned out that I choose to upload all 3 versions of the same shot. Thank you for looking!

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2 replies on “Portage Watertower View from Lake Wisconsin”

My favorite was number 2 of 3. Reflections of trees, along Wisconsin River, are amazing. Also like on the horizon what appears to be more of the Wisconsin River.

This same shot would be amazing all four seasons. Thank you for sharing the view. 🙂

I appreciate reading your feedback on your favorite. Thank you, Rhonda!

The idea of using this location for other seasons is awesome as well!

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