New Ultimate NEMA Adaptor Kit from Tesla Now Available

This article was updated on September 8th, 2020

I went ahead and ordered this kit before I realized it was something new from Tesla! I figured…why run the risk of not having the proper adaptor while traveling? Each item is usually $35 with no option or discount for ordering more than one. Now you can save a little bit of money ($220 vs $245) by ordering their new bundle which includes 7 different NEMA adaptors.

Here are all the maximum power outputs and estimated charging speeds for each adapter with different models:

New Ultimate NEMA Adaptor Kit from Tesla Now Available 2

Note: Estimated miles of range per hour of charge for Model 3 with NEMA 5-20 is incorrect on Tesla’s website as 4 when it is actually 7.

You use the Gen 2 Mobile Connector Bundle that comes with your Tesla Model 3/S/X and switch out the NEMA 5-15 adapter for whatever your needs are for power.

I’m researching the idea of exploring Canada with one of these adaptors before Tesla gets the supercharger network expanded across the country. The travel would focus on RV parks and non-Tesla EV stations.

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