My Life as a Digital Creator

My Life as a Digital Creator
My Life as a Digital Creator

I just felt the need to get this video out ASAP yesterday. I couldn’t sleep the night before because I wanted to create it so badly.

This is my brand new intro video for my YouTube Channel! 🙂

Welcome to my YouTube Channel! I'm a Digital Creator!

In this video I have footage from Iceland, Australia, Maine and more locations. Watch the video to learn more about being a digital creator.

My original intention was to remix a song by Tisoki, but I just ended up using the copyrighted song in my video and letting YouTube pay the artist.

As a result, I edited the video in such a way that the viewer can decide if they want to hear the whole song or not, which may not be good for YouTube metrics, but whatever. YouTube paid for the whole song technically, so why not let the viewer hear it in its entirety?

Songwriters, musicians, videographers, and content creators should support each other.

Together, we are in this for the long haul!

Are you a YouTuber who wants to use copyrighted music in your videos, but are not sure how to get permission? Lickd is a website that provides royalty-free music for YouTube videos.

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Check out my resource page on my website for more details about the gear and tools I used to create this digital content: Resources – The resources you need to succeed at every level!

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Video Transcription

Hello, my name is Graydon. Welcome to my YouTube channel! My favorite subjects include technology, electronic music, and being a digital creator. I utilized Descript's Overdub to make this digital voice.

I have videos on my channel for travel enthusiasts, such as my journey to Iceland.

The experience of taking photographs in Iceland was an unforgettable adventure into the unknown.

Also, I've got videos from my Tesla road trips.

Additionally, I've refreshed my print-on-demand print shop on my website with canvas, posters, and postcards of Wisconsin, Maine, Florida, Iceland, Australia and more. I'm so happy with how it turned out and I hope you like the prints.

I'm in the early stages of creating a drone community at and I want to enlist drone pilots who create and produce digital content to help promote it.

If you are interested in sharing this message, feel free to check out the website in the video description below!

Then share this video with all your friends on social media - it's as simple as that!

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I've completed this video with background music throughout. If you want to keep listening, keep the video player going!

Also, at the conclusion of this video, you'll see additional videos of mine and I have provided a list of the resources used to create this video in the description. Take care!

Final Words

Feel free to leave a message below (aka Leave a Reply) if you have any comments, thoughts or questions about being a digital creator in your life.

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