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Must-Do, 10 & 17 Minute Stretch For Digital Creators

Eneko Uruñuela, thank you for the photo!

When we spend so much time in front of computers every day, the body is bound to take a toll. The neck, shoulders and upper back are some parts of the body that are often affected by this.

On days when I used the computer a lot, I found these YouTube videos helpful to my relaxation.

10 Minutes

Let’s all practice yoga for the neck, shoulders, and upper back. It is perfect for digital creators! Let’s take a moment to check in and care for ourselves! Adriene focuses on targeted areas that get stressed through everyday activity to combat neck tension, shoulder pain, upper back pain, and poor posture.

17 Minutes

Ease neck and shoulder tension with this yoga sequence that targets areas affected by computer use, driving, and other fitness routines.

You can learn more about Yoga With Adriene’s journey by watching their videos and checking out the links on their description, if you’re interested.

If you are interested in beginning or expanding your mindfulness practice, I have a relaxing audio and meditation resource page you may find useful.

By Graydon Schwartz

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