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Hello, my name is Graydon and I am the founder of this website / blog. Do you wanna learn how to be more creative? This is for people who want to take their creativity to the next level.

Many of you may know me from my previous blog posts, in which I wrote regularly write about drones, Tesla, photography, and technology in general.

I have personally experienced the benefits of meditation with the help of my own creativity. It helps me stay out of my head and in motion. It is a topic I wanted to explain in more detail in this blog.

Headspace Guide to Meditation

Headspace Guide to Meditation (on Netflix) is a nice start-up that shows everyone the benefits of meditation. I am so glad that this is becoming more mainstream so that more people can benefit from these mindfulness teachings.

Headspace was founded by Andy Puddicombe, former Buddhist monk of 10 years. Meditation helps you improve your mental well being one step at a time – from breaking the negative patterns in your life to taking positive action in improving your happiness levels.

I feel practicing a regular meditation practice that it is easier to enter flow states.

Headspace described what a flow state is:

Simplified: You may have experienced a flow state at some point — that sense of fluidity between your body and mind, where you are totally absorbed by and deeply focused on something, beyond the point of distraction. Time feels like it has slowed


I realize that when I am in a flow state, I do more in my business and tend to lose track of time. I sweat the little things less and focus more on what is really important.

The Headspace series is an excellent start to anyone looking for a way to keep their mind healthy.


If we do not stop to go inward, we can find ourselves in a catalytic cycle of focusing on politics, on what is going on out there and making the world feel really unsafe, a process that can easily destroy any creativity from my experience and research on this subject.

In our world, outer reality based on the polarity of experiencing can only take us so far. And creation, especially when you are talking about something big, is alway a creative path for which all must go inward through the various stages of creation to a point where we can master not just the mental and emotional process of creation but also the spiritual one.

I believe that we create a better world by not only being there first-hand, but by going into the depths of our souls to understand ourselves on a deeper level. It’s also important to be present in these moments otherwise our past experiences will start to influence how we view each moment.

As human beings, we are constantly evolving and learning new things about ourselves and the world around us. Only through our presence can we allow ourselves to experience new things without interference from the past.

I think to be a good photographer, you have to be in tune with nature, you have to see what’s going on around you, as if you were a part of it – like a bird perched on the edge of a branch trying to peck through the branches of another tree just to see what might be on the other side.

By Graydon Schwartz

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