Mavic Drones: How to Fix Missing Intelligent Flight Modes Issue

What can you do if your extra Flight Modes disappear on you? I have already done a little bit of Google research and tried a few of the recommended steps like restarting the DJI Flight App, as well as restarting the drone etc. I am creating this step by step guide as I try to fix this issue myself as my modes are gone from the DJI App on my iPad!

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Example from my Tesla Autopilot | Roundabout Testing YouTube Video. What happened to the Intelligent Flight Mode buton?

In the above photo the controller was set to ‘T’ OR Tripod Mode.

There is a good chance you have changed the mode on your drone controller. Here is how you get back the Intelligent Flight Modes:

It’s easy! You will just need to flip the switch on your DJI Controller or Smart Controller from ‘T’ to ‘P’ Mode and now you should see the intelligent mode selection button again and get back to creating your epic Drone Boomerang shot or Hyperlapse!