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Making Your Aerial Photos Clearer

Improving a photo to make it look clearer is a simple trick to make sure it really stands out. All you need are tools like AI Structure and Details Enhancer! I’ve included information on how these two tools work. Let’s get started making your aerial photos clearer.


In this video, Michèle teaches us how easy it is to edit striking images by combining the power of these two amazing tools inside Luminar 4.

The tools to improve the AI Structure and Details Enhancer can be found in the Essentials group. These tools are available in both the standalone versions of Luminar and plugin versions for Lightroom and Photoshop.

AI Structure Tool

  • Amount. The strength of the effect. Moving the slider to the right increases the amount of visible details in the image. Moving the slider to the left causes the image to lose details and become flatter. This slider is generally softer and produces very natural results.
  • Boost. Adjusts the overall appearance of details. Move the slider to the right, accentuate details. This emphasizes more small details and a little more aggressively. It offers an HDR-like look.

Details Enhancer Tool

  • Small Details. Small amounts of sharpness of fine details. At 0, the effect is not applied. Moving the slider to the right will enhance the clarity of small details while moving to the left; on the contrary, it will slightly wash out the fine details.
  • Medium Details. This option sets medium-sized parts sharpness. At 0, the effect is not applied. Moving the slider to the right increases sharpness, while moving the slider to the left reduces it.
  • Large Details. Use this option to adjust the sharpness of the global contours of objects in the image. At 0, the effect is not applied. Moving the slider to the right increases the sharpness, while moving to the left decreases it.
  • Sharpen. The Sharpen Tool helps to focus soft edges in a photo to increase clarity or focus. Use this tool to significantly improve the image quality. Keep in mind that too much sharpening can give your photo a grainy look.


DJI 0054 before |
Making Your Aerial Photos Clearer 8


DJI 0054 after |
Making Your Aerial Photos Clearer 9

You may need to zoom in at 100% or more to see the sharpening results of your efforts.

Video Inspiration

Video courtesy of Skylum Software.

Gear & Software

mavic 2 680 175 |
Making Your Aerial Photos Clearer 10

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luminar 4 logo |
Making Your Aerial Photos Clearer 11

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