Lectron J1772 Extension Cable Review

Lectron J1772 Extension Cable Review
Lectron J1772 Extension Cable Review

Here’s a quick Lectron J1772 Extension Cable Review.

For this particular house, the EV Charger was installed at the far end of the garage, making it unable to reach outside on its own. However, we were fortunate to have a J1772 extension cable available, which helped us connect the charger cord to my Tesla Model 3 outside. The SAE J1772 Charging Adapter was used to adapt the charger to my vehicle.

Let’s delve into the review and learn more about the outstanding durability and reliability of this everyday charging cable.

While I did not observe a decrease in charging speed, it’s likely that other car models might experience a decrease depending on the internal capabilities of the car’s onboard charger. The charger converts AC power into DC power, which is fed into the battery.

Lectron 20ft/6m J1772 Extension Cable for All EV Chargers

  • Ideal EV charging accessory for extending charging reach
  • Compatible with Level 1 and 2 chargers with J1772 connectors
  • Supports up to 40 amp charging
  • Heavy-duty 20ft/6m outdoor cable
  • 1-Year Warranty
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  • Travel and Public Charging: Extension cords are particularly useful when you encounter charging stations with short or inaccessible cables while traveling or using public charging facilities. It ensures that you can easily connect to the charging station and charge your EV without any restrictions.
  • Home Charging Convenience: If your home charging station is not positioned ideally for your parking spot, an extension cord allows you to bridge the gap and conveniently charge your EV from the desired location.
  • Flexibility: With an extension cord, you have the freedom to choose where to park your electric vehicle for charging, giving you more flexibility in your charging routine.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Instead of investing in additional charging stations or modifying existing electrical installations, an extension cord offers a cost-effective way to increase the reach of your EV charger.

Lectron Tesla Extension Cord

Add an Extra 20 Feet to Your Tesla Charger (1 Pack, Black) (Tesla Charger Not Included)

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Having not tried this solution myself, I thought it would be a great option for Tesla owners who need a little more cord length from their Tesla Wall Connector.

Durable and Reliable EV Charging Extension Cable for Harsh Conditions

An Amazon review highlights the impressive performance of an EV charging extension cable in extreme conditions. The reviewer has been using the cable daily for over a year, subjecting it to the harsh winters of Vermont. Despite being laid on the ground, dragged across a gravel stone driveway, and stepped on, the cable has proven to be remarkably resilient. The reviewer initially had doubts but chose this cost-effective solution instead of relocating the Level 2 charger with the help of an expensive electrician.


The cable featured a secure and snug fit, ensuring a stable connection without any interruptions or power loss during charging. The J1772 connector on one end of the cable seamlessly connected to the existing charger, while the other end connected effortlessly to the SAE J1772 Charging Adapter on my Tesla Model 3.

I was particularly impressed by the cable’s build quality, which exhibited a sturdy construction designed to withstand outdoor conditions. Its weatherproof and durable design gave me confidence in its long-term reliability and safety.

Overall, the Lectron J1772 Extension Cable proved to be a valuable accessory, allowing me to conveniently charge my Tesla Model 3 outside despite the placement of the EV charger in the garage. While it may not suit everyone, it provided us with the extra length we needed to charge two different electric vehicles without the hassle of moving the cars themselves. Instead, we could simply move the cable between the vehicles, making our charging process much more efficient and hassle-free. Its reliability, secure connection, and durable construction make it a worthwhile investment for anyone facing similar charging distance challenges.

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