Kase 100 Wolverine Series Entry-Level Kit Review

Today, I will be sharing my review on the Kase 100 Wolverine Series Entry-Level Kit.

Introduction to ND Filters

For the past 10 months I have been testing and using a new filter kit by KASE. To give some background, I came from using a $60 filter from Amazon. ND stands for Neutral Density Filter. The idea behind the ND filter is that it allows you to use a slower shutter speed and larger aperture to photograph water elements or long exposure sky. I found myself displeased with the $60 filter due to the substantial colorcast that was rendered on all of my photographs taken with this glass and the extra editing required to return to the proper color balance to the photographs. I was disappointed because this was one of the features outlined in the Amazon listing that it was free of colorcasing.

Unfortunately or fortunately, while changing out this $60 filter it fell out of my hand and landed on the Diamond Beach while in Iceland and shattered into a bunch of broken bits onto the sand. It then washed away to be combined within a new diamond (iceberg).

Key West Photo taken with $60 10-Stop ND Filter

As you can see in my example photograph from my photo taken in Key West is the water is nice and soft while the pier in the photo is nice and sharp. I achieved this look by using the $60 10-stop ND filter in front of my camera lens and by adjusting my exposure on my camera to allow enough light to properly expose for this scene.

Twelve Apostles Photo taken with 6-Stop KASE Filter w/ Magnetic Circular Polarizer

Here is another example but this time with the KASE Filter in use as demonstrated.

Kase Filter

The main reason I wanted to give KASE a try while I was in Iceland was due to its WOLVERINE series filter kit and filter system. I love the fact that they have tested these filters to withstand falling from shoulder height onto cement and even onto a rocky surface.

See above as their staff demonstrates how strong these filters really are. I have yet to drop mine but I am impressed by their strength.

Kit Includes:

The K100 Wolverine Series [2.0mm] - Entry-Level Filter Holder Kit includes:

  • K100 Slim Holder
  • 86mm Magnetic circular polarizer
  • 77mm-86mm/82mm-86mm Geared adapter rings
  • 72mm-82mm/67mm-82mm Step-up rings
  • 100x150x2mm 3 stop (0.9) GND (filter)
  • 100x150x2mm 6 stop (64) ND (filter)
  • Leather Bag II

K100 Slim Holder

K100-K8 Kit K100 Slim Filters Holder

I like the screw pin design of the control knob. This is how you tighten or loosen the filter to your lens.

There is an adjustable dial on the side of the holder for adjusting the magnetic polarizer filter. It snaps into place and is helpful for tuning when you have water elements especially.

Holds up to 3 Rectangular Filters & 1 Circular Polarizer

It can hold up to 3 rectangular filters plus one circular polarizing filter. It took me a little while to get use to attach the holder to the adapter ring but once you get use to the natch, you can easily add or remove the holder from the adapter attached to your camera lens.

100x150x2mm 6 stop

100x150x2mm 6 stop filter

This is my go to ND filter when I am I want to give the waterscape a beautiful natural blur. I am very satisfied with the results from using this filter.

86mm Magnetic Circular Polarizer

Magnetic CPL Quick Mounting

You will really appreciate the circular polarizer being magnetic. Pops right into place. This filter is added when you want to reduce the reflection of light on the glass. Example, if you wanted to photograph what was at the bottom of a shallow lake, assuming the water was clear enough, you could add this filer and it would reduce the reflection on the water and see what was on the bottom.

You could also use this filter to increase the saturation of a blue sky and white clouds.

Leather Bag II

Filters bag II For Kase K100 Filter Holder System

The leather bag is very well constructed. It doesn’t feel cheap. There is a mini clip for mounting to your camera bag or jacket. There are also two hooks on the side of the bag if you want to attach the included shoulder strap. The lock sits very securely and requires some good force to open which is good. There are 5 slotted spots to store away your filters and two other places to store your adapter rings and the rest of the kit or any other small tools you might need with you.


I am overall very happy with this kit. It’s a great value when you start to compare just purchasing all of these components on their own. 100MM filters go easily for $150+ depending on brand and quality. The strength of these filters and the low/no colorcast is what impressed me first when I was introduced to these filters and I remain impressed with how well this kit performs. This is a great kit if you’re just getting started and I think it can take you easily into the professional capabilities as well for sure.

In America, we are limited on which products we can order. I will check do some more digging to see if there are any other retailers selling their products. Here are the product available on Amazon (USA):

Pros & Cons


  • No Discernible Colour Cast (less post-processing necessary!)
  • Toughened Pro HD Optical Glass / Scratch Resistant
  • Magnetic Circular Polariser


  • Locking mechanism to adapter ring can be tricky, but once you get the hang of it, you're good to go.


  • Cost (value greatly dependent on location of buyer) I felt like I got a really good value when I purchased in ISK (Icelandic Króna) but pricing varies in the USA.

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