Jeda SSD for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Preview (Exclusive Coupon inside)

Jeda SSD for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Preview (Exclusive Coupon inside)
Jeda SSD for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Preview (Exclusive Coupon inside)

Jeda has been teasing at a new product release for a few weeks now and I have been very eager to learn more. Well, here we have it. It has released their own Jeda SSD for use with the USB Hub! 🙂

It’s time to upgrade your thumb drive. The Jeda SSD is a state-of-the-art storage device designed to simplify your life. No longer will you need to struggle with USB cables, just connect it magnetically and forget about it.

Tesla SSD

  • Quick-Connect and Quick-Release: The only storage device to feature a magnetic mechanism.
  • 256 GB: Enough to fit your storage device needs
  • Premium materials: Custom die cast Magnesium shell, designed to match your Tesla’s center screen material
  • Proprietary electronics: Our SSD has been designed to work with your Tesla, and with our USB Hubs to provide a safe solution
  • Integrated design: A minimal drive which works with the Jeda USB Hub for a seamless integration
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A Word from Jeda

Gone are the days of USB errors and fumbling with cables to get your storage device in place. The Jeda SSD is a 256 GB Sentry Storage Device designed to connect magnetically. Whether you use your drive for music storage or dashcam recording – the Jeda SSD has got you covered, and connected. Built using custom materials of the highest quality, the Jeda SSD shares the same die cast magnesium shell as the one in your Tesla’s center screen which dissipates heat and gives a premium feel. So discreet you almost forget it’s there. Designed to accommodate our USB Hubs.

What makes this SSD different from everyone else? It’s that their Tesla SSD shares the same materials (aka die cast magnesium shell), which is used on your Tesla’s center screen, which dissipates heat, protects the SSD, and gives it that premium feel.

The Jeda SSD costs $145 USD, but you can get it for only $120 – that’s a sweet discount! Just use the discount code (GRAYDON) at checkout.

If you are interested in purchasing the Jeda USB Hub + Jeda SSD, you can also use my code to save money. Just make sure to buy the appropriate USB Hub for your Model 3 or Model Y, depending on the build date.

Jeda USB Hub (Model Ys) + Jeda SSD

Jeda USB Hub (Model 3s made after June 2020) + Jeda SSD

Jeda USB Hub (Model 3s made before June 2020) + Jeda SSD


What kind of SSD is used in the Jeda SSD?

The Tesla SSD uses premium quality EXFAT MSATA SSD cards, which can be replaced to expand the memory in case 256Gb isn’t enough.

How fast is the Jeda SSD?

The SSD can reach speeds up to 540 MB/s.

How much storage does the Jeda SSD provide?

256 GB of fast solid-state storage for music files or sentry recording.

How do I format the Jeda SSD?

To start using the Jeda SSD simply create the TeslaCam folder or use the Model 3 / Model Y formatting function under Controls > Safety & Security > Format USB Device

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