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JEDA President’s Day Sale 2022

Happy Presidents’ Day weekend, Tesla owners!

Tesla owners all over are in for a treat this Presidents’ Day weekend!

Whether you’re looking for the Model 3, or even the new Model Y, there’s bound to be a deal that’s perfect for you. Check it out!

Buy one item, use this coupon code (JEDA15) for $15 off.
Buy two items, use this coupon code (JEDA35) for $35 off.
Buy three items, use this coupon code (JEDA50) for $50 off.

Ending 02/25. All items in stock. Applies to full priced items only.

Premium Tesla Products
Jeda Products
Prices range from $79-$119

The Best Tesla Model 3 and Y Accessories

  • Tesla Model 3 USB Hub (2017-2019)
  • Tesla Model 3 and Model Y USB Hub (2020)
  • Tesla Model 3 and Model Y USB Hub Console (2021/2022)
  • Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Wireless Charger
  • Enter the code GRAYDON10 to receive your discount. ($99 min. order)
I earn a commission or account credit if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Pro-tips on some of Jeda products: 
The Jeda Wireless Pad V4 can wirelessly charge your headphones, such as Airpods and Pixel Buds, magnetically.  3-way charging for mobiles devices and headphones alike.

The Jeda SSD is customizable to your storage needs and built to last. Want more storage, or need to change your storage out? Simply replace the mSata drive for one of your choice. Meant for long-term use.

The Jeda Tray bi-sects your center console for secret storage and is made out of a similar material as the Tesla screen.

The Jeda USB Hub allows for gaming, music storage, sentry storage, and phone charging – all at once.

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