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Initial Thoughts After Road Trip to Canada

I kept going around in my head that I wanted to go on this crazy trip idea and ended up going for it! I got back to Wisconsin yesterday late afternoon. These are my initial thoughts after road trip to Canada.

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I learned that the Tesla app was prioritizing reaching each stop of the trip with a minimum 5% SOC (state of charge), however, this is not based on how fast you have been historically driving during your trip. I was often faced with a warning that I needed to drive at a particular speed (sometimes below the posted speed limit) in order to reach the supercharger. If I ignored the warning, I was oftentimes re-directed to the next closest one.

The AT&T service in the Model 3 worked great in Canada. My phone service (Visible) however stopped working the moment I got through to Windsor, Ontario. This wasn’t the biggest surprise though, it was that when I went to switch to my eSIM on my Pixel 3 that I learned I couldn’t re-activate my Google Fi account while being outside the United States. This was a total bummer and it seemed no matter what I did I couldn’t get this to work.

A few days into the trip however I was able to get it to activate. Maybe I need to write an article going into how I overcame this issue? UPDATE: I created said article!

The new Full-Self-Driving Visualization that was released around Christmas time disappeared as I left the United States as well. Not really a big deal, but I found it interesting how streamlined Tesla has gotten their software based on the location of the vehicle.

I didn’t get a chance to try abettertheater but I would highly recommend checking it out if you want to access other services besides Netflix or Hulu during your camping or supercharger sessions.

Something changed with the Slacker music app that it was playing often times the same playlist over and over. Is Tesla pushing us to use Spotify? It also wouldn’t find any music to play with the phrase ‘play droeloe’, as an example. It would recognize what I wanted but couldn’t find me any Droeloe! Thankfully Spotify has a 3-month free trial and I was able to expand away from using Slacker for the rest of the 2-week trip. I need my tunes!

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Initial Thoughts After Road Trip to Canada 3

I used a blend of Airbnb and Tesla ‘Camp Mode’ with a Coleman Self-Inflating Mattress. I wanted to learn, are these viable options? I am soon going to learn how the Coleman stacks up to the TesMat.

I want to go into more detail on this trip as I am processing my notes from each day, but I wanted to make this post to introduce some of my initial findings from making the journey over from Detroit to Windsor.

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