How Well Does Google Fi Work in Iceland?

I was very impressed with the coverage I received on my trip to Iceland last February 2019. Here's a credit of $20 if you want to try Google Fi.

I'd like to start this article by sharing that 75% of households in Iceland have had fiber connectivity since 2016, which will help explain how well 4G services work in this European country. Speeds of 1 Gbit per second are available.

How Well Does Google Fi Work in Iceland? 1
Where is the 4G coverage?

Another thing to bear in mind when taking a tour is that the bus may be equipped with a 4G / LTE hotspot and you can avoid using up data on your smartphone or laptop. I found out that I only used 1-2 Gb of data when I visited Iceland because I was able to use our Iceland travel guide, Sigis hotspot, which was sufficient for SMS and staying in connection with family.

But… how much does data & voice cost?

Google's plans are quite simple: you only pay $10 per GB of data. The monthly fee is $20 per month. If you call the US from Iceland, it costs $0.20 per minute if you do not use Wi-Fi. SMS is unlimited.

How Well Does Google Fi Work in Iceland? 2
Iceland Usage

NOTE: If you ever have more than 6 GB of data, you will not be charged any additional fees beyond this threshold.

How Well Does Google Fi Work in Iceland? 3
Snæfellsjökull National Park

Which carriers does Google Fi operate on?

In the United States you have Sprint / T-Mobile and US Cellular, the three major network operators in Iceland are Siminn, Vodafone and Nova.

I recommend FiSwitch if you want to know which network you are connected to. Also, you can force your phone to connect to your chosen network, or reset your phone's radio, etc. I find this very helpful!

Will I need to change SIM cards when I enter Iceland?

Luckily, thanks to the Pixel 3 with a virtual SIM card, you don't have to change your SIM card when you travel to a supported country. Google's Wi-Fi app welcomes you as soon as you connect to the supported international network.

Which phone should I get with Google Fi?

I would recommend Google Pixel 5-5G or Google Pixel 4A / XL. They have opened their offerings with iPhone compatibility, but with widely limited service and it will not connect in Iceland.

Google Pixel 5-5G Android Phone – Water Resistant – Unlocked Smartphone with Night Sight and Ultrawide Lens – Sorta Sage (Amazon)

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Google – Fi SIM Card Kit (Amazon) OR sign up for your free SIM Card kit and account here.

Google Fi SIM Card Kit
  • Activation in the U. S. required (does not include territories)
  • Insert SIM card into a Fi compatible phone and download the Google Fi app to finish activation - For a full list of compatible phones, please visit the link in the product description
  • Choose between our Unlimited or Flexible plans based on your data usage
  • 4G LTE coverage at home and abroad
  • 5G coverage nationwide for 5G compatible Android phones

Google Fi vs Buying an Icelandic SIM Card

Siminn has a few prepaid options. They offer free delivery to your hotel, airBnB or hostel.

5 GB data- 50 min talk- 50 texts for 2.900 kr


10GB data for 2.900 kr

Thoughts: Google Fi equivalent would cost $70 (5GB of data+voice+text) + $10 ($.20 per minute) for 50 minutes of talk in Iceland = $80.00 USD.

As of August 11, 2019, 2.900 Icelandic Króna converts to $23.00 USD.

It depends so much on how much you already pay for your phone plan and how much it costs to add international coverage. Chances are that you will have access to some WiFI while travelling through Iceland, especially if you are in Reykjavík.

Google Fi vs Adding Verizon Travel Plans

Verizon has a few other plans for travel.

$10 daily cost per device. On their website are listed some important things.
“Data speeds are reduced after the first 0.5GB of daily session. You can purchase additional High Speed for the remainder of your session.” AND “**4G LTE World device is required. Must be on a qualifying plan.”

Monthly International Travel Plan
500MB of data- 100 min talk- 100 sent txts (unlimited received) for $70 (extra)
2GB of data- 250 min talk- 1000 sent txts (unlimited received) for $130 (extra)

The clear winner here is Google Fi!

$20 USD Off!

Get $20 off your first month of Google Fi! Click here!

Note: There are some blind spots, especially around large mountain peaks, ice caves and fjords.

Google has added a new $70 plan that includes 22 GB of “unlimited data” and 100 GB of Google One storage. If you add 3 or more lines, the price drops to $45 / per person for this unlimited plan.

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