How To Master Rank Math SEO for Photographers in 2023

How To Master Rank Math SEO for Photographers in 2023
How To Master Rank Math SEO for Photographers in 2023

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a must for photographers, and every day I see new photographers who need help with their Rank Math SEO. Having your own blog is a great way to do that. Even if you don’t have the time or ability to write about photography, there are other ways of working on your SEO like focusing on optimizing your images to rank. In this article I focus mostly on what keywords to choose and why that is important.

What is important for photographers when it comes to SEO? This epic article explains everything you need to know. Not only does it cover the ins and outs, but also looks at which things don’t matter at all!

SEO for Photographers (Search engine optimization for photographers) is one of the most misunderstood strategies in the business. With a focus on content and keywords, many businesses miss the mark when it comes to tapping into search traffic.

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What is SEO, and why is it important?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is a technique of making sure that a specific website is found when someone searches for a specific keyword related to your company. There are two components which are necessary of SEO – 1) the keyword, and 2) the website.

How can I rank well in search engines?

First of all, just understand that there is no easy answer for that question, so this is the biggest question which even most of the SEO experts want to answer. How can you rank well in search engines? The best way is to follow some rules which will help you to rank well in search engines. So this is the way to go.

Search Engine Optimization is all about using the appropriate keywords to make people click on your website.

Getting Started

Before getting started, you need to take a few moments to set up the fundamental SEO settings for your website or portfolio. This will ensure that your business receives the most visibility it can from search engines.

First thing’s first—set up a title and tagline for your site. Your title tag should be descriptive, and your tagline should give a brief summary of what you offer.

WordPress Menu > Settings > General.

Site Title:
Tagline: Aerial & Landscape Photography


Rank Math is not your typical SEO software, Rank Math is an invaluable tool to help you make sure your content is optimized for success. It’s recommendations will help you make sure that your posts are optimized for the best search engine ranking possible. Not only does it help you optimize your content from a content perspective…it actually helps you optimize it from an optimization perspective as well. If you follow its recommendations, then your post stand a better chance of automatically ranking in the search engines.

Rank Math provides strategic recommendations for your article. Following these tips will maximize your site traffic and ranking.

Optimization begins the moment you start creating your post. That’s why Rank Math made optimization tools easily accessible on the Add New Post Page. To see all the tools available, go to WordPress Menu > Posts > Add New.

The classic editor is a familiar interface to many. Now, Rank Math’s Meta Boxes are also available if you prefer the new block-editor. With its latest update, Ranking Math now comes with the block editor. Just click on the SEO Score button to see it.

It’s easy to write and optimize articles in WordPress with Rank Math SEO. I will show you how, then I will optimize your article with its built-in recommendations.

Writing Content

You are probably following the best practice of writing articles first, then optimizing them. But there is an alternative strategy.

To get the most social shares from your blog post, you should optimize each part of it as you write it. I recommend using tools to help you with this, like free ranking tool, Rank Math.

When optimizing your content, the first step is to choose the right focus keywords. Using the blog post you are currently reading as an example, I had the the title:

How To Master SEO for Photographers: An article around SEO and what is important for photographers.

The first thing that was showing up as an error was that I didn’t include the focus keyword in the title of my blog post or the URL for that matter but I fix these both with one change to the title.

How To Master Rank Math SEO for Photographers

I have now improved our SEO. Our Rank Math SEO score has taken a significant leap from 17 to 61 after I changed the title.

Next, I needed to re-write the beginning of the content to include the Focus Keyword. That brought the score up again to 66/100.

I am going to target the remaining warnings and errors here.

  • Content is 715 words long. Good job!
  • Add an image with your Focus Keyword as alt text.
  • Keyword Density is 0.55, the Focus Keyword and combination appears 4 times.
  • URL is 136 characters long. Consider shortening it.
  • Link out to external resources.
  • Add DoFollow links pointing to external resources.
  • Add internal links in your content.

I changed the URL from how-to-master-seo-for-photographers-an-article-around-rank-math-seo-and-what-is-important-for-photographers (LONG) to how-to-master-rank-math-seo-for-photographers (SHORTER). Later changed the title as well, less is more, right? Much better.

Set Focus Keyword as alt text for all of the images on the page.


Linked out to WooCommerce.


I added a few more instances of the Focus Keyword, Rank Math SEO (and just did again!).


I’m excited to watch the score continue to rise as more content is added. 😃

Setting focus keywords is an important part of the Rank Math process. With the Rank Math algorithm, you’ll get significantly more search results, but you also need to set focus keywords so that you can increase your website’s visibility in the SERPs for your target audience.

Rank Math is a powerful tool, but like any tool it can’t do its job without you telling it what to do.

Doing this process is tough, but it gets easier over time.

Bonus Tip: Add a Dash of AI

So, now that you have your SEO keywords figured out. You could use CopyAI in conjunction with Rank Math to help you write your web copy. CopyAI can aid you with coming up with keywords with its Keyword Generator tool and help you insert keywords naturally with its Rewrite with Keywords tool. Create Marketing Copy In Seconds

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Rewrite with Keywords

Not all results managed to include the keyword, but on the first try I like what it achieved by including our keyword:

Proper SEO for photographers is one of the most misunderstood strategies in this industry. With a focus on content and keywords, many businesses miss the mark when it comes to tapping into search traffic.

You simply enter the keywords (separated by a comma) and paragraph of text you want the keywords to appear within. Why is this important? As you will learn with using Rank Math SEO, it’s important your keywords are neatly placed within your article and included in the first paragraph of your article.

Keyword Generator

Keyword Generator will ask you a simple question: What topic are you posting about? For this example, I am going to be entering, ‘DRONES’. CopyAI will provide you with 7 batches of keywords around your chosen topic.

KEYWORDS: drone, drone builders, drones for sale, drone kits, drones under $100, drone reviews, quadcopter reviews, best drones for beginners, best drones for kids, drone technology, drones for filmmaking

If you aren’t satisfied with these outputs you can re-submit for all brand new results or click the “Make more” button next to a grouping of keywords you want it to re-spin. 😄

CopyAI has a 7-day free trial (No Credit Card Required plus 40% OFF!). Check out CopyAI for your next article or video.

Image SEO

In this section, we are going to talk about Image SEO in Rank Math and how you can use it to improve your rankings.

Optimizing your images makes a big difference. With the right information, Google can interpret your images better and show them in the right places in the search results. Image search is also very important, and it is clear that properly optimized images are likely to rank better in search as well.

There are two main ways to set your Alt text (alternative text) information: First, when uploading, the file name is used as the title of the image, but the alt-text remains blank, so it is important to change these values to reflect what is in the image. Second, you can click on the image in your WordPress blog editor and change the alt-text of your image from there.

Image Title: The image title text attribute is an attribute that is used to provide additional information about the image.

ALT text: Alt text helps screen-reading tools describe images to visually impaired readers. It also allows search engines to better crawl and rank your website. By including alternative text, you will increase the likelihood that people can read and understand your web content.

Caption: Because they’re concise, captions get more attention. And because they serve as a summary, you can use them to boost your SEO and click-through rate. SEO image captions should be optimized for their main keyword. You should optimize captions so people can find what you are looking for and easily figure out what the image is about.

The Image Optimization settings can be found in General Settings > Images from the Rank Math menu.

  • Add missing ALT attributes
    • Alt attribute format: %filename% | %sitename%
  • Add Missing Title Attributes
  • Add missing image caption
    • Caption Format: %title% %count(title)%
  • Change title casing (Rank Math Pro required): Title Casing
  • Add Missing Image Description (Rank Math Pro required)
Add missing ALT attributes

ALT Text is the text that shows up when you hover over an image in your browser. These were initially created for the visually impaired, but search engines have started using them to better understand images on the web.

Get your missing ALT attributes automatically generated and avoid penalty from Google.

Add Missing Title Attributes

Rank Math lets you automatically add missing image titles to your site for SEO, if they don’t already have titles.

Add missing image caption

It’s true. People click on images more than they do text, and image captions get an even higher click-through rate than images themselves!

Change title casing (Rank Math Pro)

This option will allow you to choose how you want your image titles to be written:

OPTIONS: No change, Title Casing, Sentence casing, all lowercase, ALL UPERCASE.

Add Missing Image Description (Rank Math Pro)

Image descriptions can be a major factor when it comes to image optimization. By including them in your images, you can help with your SEO efforts and maybe even beat out the competition!

Optimizing WooCommerce

UPDATE: I logged in to my WordPress admin and found a note saying I needed Rank Math Pro for WooCommerce module. You may need to to purchase a license of Rank Math PRO.

This WooCommerce SEO module takes the hassle out of on-page SEO. It ensures easy and accurate setup by using templates that take care of tedious tasks like correctly creating your product titles, descriptions, and meta elements.

To start, you’ll want to visit the Rank Math > Dashboard page.

Enable WooCommerce Module.

Once you have activated the plugin, visit Rank Math > General Settings > WooCommerce and enable the settings below.

  • Remove WooCommerce Generator Tag
  • Remove Schema Markup on Shop Archives
  • Noindex Hidden Products
Remove WooCommerce Generator Tag

If you prefer to remove the version tag, then that’s a good thing. Keep in mind that removing it will prevent anyone from getting the exact version of WooCommerce you are running.

Remove Schema Markup on Shop Archives

This option will remove all schema markup from shop archive pages, which is according to Google’s recommendations. All other product data types are allowed on shop archive pages.

Noindex Hidden Products

Sometimes, there are products that we don’t want our customers to find. Sometimes a product is so new or so experimental that the addition of it into our search results will not be helpful to our customers. This option tells Google Search to not index this product page.

Remove Snippet Data

Next, visit Rank Math > Titles & Meta > Product categories

  • Remove Snippet Data

Using Rank Math to add meta titles and descriptions to products created with WooCommerce can be extremely helpful.

Just go to product page from your WordPress admin as if you want to edit the product normally and scroll down. You’ll see the “SEO Meta Box” in this area which is where you can tweak the SEO properties for the product.

Just like regular content you can set your focus keyword for each of your product pages and receive automatic recommendations on how to improve your on-page SEO score. 😃

If you’re a photographer looking for a solution to increase your WooCommerce conversions, Rank Math might be the perfect tool for your needs.

As Rank Math SEO is the proven and effective way of creating more visibility for your products over the search engines, it’s a must-have tool to boost up your sales.

Doing this process is tough, but it gets easier over time.

A big advantage of using this SEO software is that I can have extra information about my products (namely pricing and availability information) in Google Search.

Final Thoughts

It’s good to diversify your focus keywords. For example, I use Madison Drone Pilot as my main keyword on my homepage but I try not to use it in too many other places otherwise it will start to dilute my rankings. Typically only 1-2 pages for your site are going to show up on the first page anyways. So it is important that you have optimized those pages to be as good as possible to maximize your ROI.

If you’re serious about your ecommerce efforts, this all-in-one SEO tool is for you. It features a keyword research tool, SEO suggestions, and more. At a price of $59, Rank Math easily pays for itself with its promising keyword research tool alone. Bhanu and the team have really showed up when I have had an issue with the plugin. Highly recommend!

You also get the benefit of an AI Writing tool if you pay for Rank Math Pro. 😄

Having the ability to find relevant keywords has never been easier.

Please feel free to leave a message below if you have any comments, thoughts or questions about Rank Math SEO for Photography.

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