How to Calculate Your Tesla Safety Score

How to Calculate Your Tesla Safety Score
How to Calculate Your Tesla Safety Score

It is possible to know what your Tesla’s safety score is. This leads many to wonder, “How to Calculate Your Tesla Safety Score?”

“FSD Beta 10.2 rolls out Friday midnight to ~1000 owners with perfect 100/100 safety scores. Rollouts will hold for several days after that to see how it goes. If that looks good, beta will gradually begin rolling out to 99 scores & below.”Elon Tweets

While I currently sit at a 98.18824464, I was curious about what would be necessary to earn a 99 or 100.

This Google Sheet can be used to calculate your safety score: Safety Score Calculator.

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Safety Score Calculator

  1. Make a copy of the Google Sheet. File > Make a copy
  2. Open Tesla app > Safety Score Beta > Daily Details
  3. Log each day’s Safety Score and Miles Driven into your new Google Sheet.

As an example, if you want to improve your score, you can enter additional mileage with a score of 100 and see how that will affect your overall score.

98 > 99 > 100

Driving 262 miles more could get me to 99 points, and 3,303 miles could get me 100 points. This would require scoring 100 on all these miles which sounds exhausting.

To be granted access to the FSD beta in the second rollout, I would need to drive 262 miles over the next day before midnight or maintain my score for the third wave.

It is supposed to rain today, so I am not too eager to drive today. I will probably try to score 99 in the foreseeable future.

100 Safety Score Drive

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