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How to Boost Your Long Distance Photo or Drone Session Earnings with Ridesharing

Do you travel far for your drone or photography sessions? Thirty minutes? An hour or more? These ’empty’ miles could be earning you some serious additional income while you’re on your way to your appointment or job for that matter.

Now you might be wondering… what if you get sent in the wrong direction or, you spend too much time waiting for the passenger? First, both platforms have their own features, Destination Filter on Uber & Destination Mode on Lyft. What these features allow you to do is filter out only ride requests that will move you towards your destination which eliminates the risk you will end up with a ride request to the wrong city or providence.

How much can I earn?

How much extra can you be making? Granted there are many factors that play into how much you can earn with these methods like your market and your proximity to a nearby market. I have been seeing anywhere from $40-100 in fares (incl. tips) to give rides from my country area town down to the busy Lyft/Uber market. Starting the day with a $40+ ride from outside Madison, Wisconsin and ending up at the core of Madison or the Dane County Regional Airport is priceless.

+$7.25 Surge at the airport

If you end up getting a ride to the airport and have a little extra time to kill. Be sure to check and see if the airport has any bonuses going on because this could easily mean an extra $7-20+ on top of the fares itself.

If I was to be driving through town I could also take more densely populated routes to increase the chances of picking up a rider along the way to my destination.

Uber has a nice advantage when it comes to your passenger being 5 miles or further from your location. They will actually compensate you to pick up these further rides which can really boost up your earnings.

I have found that Uber tends to allow you to keep the destination feature on much longer compared to Lyft where you’re limited to approximately 30 minutes before it logs you off the platform while waiting for these sorts of trips. Otherwise, if you accept all requests on the Lyft platform you will stay online indefinitely.

Long Distance Fare
Long Distance Uber Ride with Long Pickup Fee
Long Distance Fare
Long Distance Lyft Ride

NOTE: I highly recommend enabling the feature 1-2 hours before you need to leave because this will increase the changes you will get a request and also not be late for your appointment.

UBER – Destination Filter Directions

1 Open up the Uber Driver app on your supported Android or Apple device.
2 Press your finger on the search button in the upper left-hand corner of the app.
3 Enter the address, city or landmark of your choosing.
4 You will now see a recommended route to this location and now all of your requests will be filtered only to take you in this direction.

LYFT – Destination Mode Directions

1 Open up the Lyft Driver app on your supported Android or Apple device.
2 Press your finger on the switch icon in the upper right-hand corner of the app. This will bring up the opton to filter rides, which you are allowed a total of 6 per day.
3 Press on ‘Next’ button.
4 Enter the address, city or landmark of your choosing.
5 Press on ‘Set Filter’ buton and you’re off!

Sign Up To Drive for Uber

The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure you have a referral code when you want to become an Uber driver. Without a referral code, you won’t be able to get bonuses or guarantees as a new driver. Learn more about the importance of an Uber sign up bonus for new drivers.

Sign up as a Madison driver, you will be guaranteed to earn at least $525. Sign up here! Terms apply.

Sign Up To Drive for Lyft

Double your chances of getting a ride request to your destination by signing up for Lyft as well.

Sign up as a Madison driver, you will receive $1,050 guaranteed in your first 60 days. Sign up here! Terms apply.

BONUS: Earn Even More On these Trips

Download the app and enter my promo code n9046 before you take your first ride and receive $10 in free credits.

Just write your promo code on these free business cards and drop them off with your orders.

Download the Freebird app today on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and use promo code “n9046” to get your bonus free sign up credit.

Where do I enter the n9046 code in the app?

In the app, click Profile > Promo Codes, then enter the n9046 code and click Submit.

Final Thoughts

I just wanted to bring some attention to these features. I think they could work nicely if you’re working with a freelance gig from DroneBase for example or on your way to visit a friend. The possibilities are endless!

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