How Do You Check to See If It Is Safe to Fly Your Drone?

This article was updated on June 28th, 2020

Tool – UAV Forecast

UAV Forecast is one of the best weather apps for beginner and above drone pilots. It’s available as a webpage, an Android app OR an iOS app, as well.

  1. You can try out without downloading by visiting UAV Forecast at:
    OR you can download and install the app to your device: iOS OR Android.
  2. Enter the location for your flight and click search, OR click on ‘Use my location’ if you’re flying where you’re presently standing.
  3. You will quickly be looking at information for your location, like below:

At 33 Feet

The default settings for UAV Forecast is 20mph max for wind at 33 feet from the ground.

At 400 Feet

We now are looking at the data at 400 feet.

It happens to be safe to fly at 33-400 feet on this occasion.

I wouldn’t be too worried about the Est. Sats Locked (warning) as I haven’t found that to be very accurate and haven’t had trouble locking onto plenty of satellites once I am all set to fly my drone.

Guide of Terms

Time: Current or future time.

Gusts at xft: Wind speed at target altitude, maximum speed including gusts.

Temp: Air temperature.

Precip Prob: Probability of precipitation.

Cloud Cover: Cloud cover refers to the fraction of the sky obscured by clouds when observed from a particular location.

Visibility: Visibility is a measure of the distance at which an object or light can be clearly discerned.

Visible Sats: GPS satellites visible at this location and time.

Kp: Geomagnetic storm index, 0-9, above 3 means disruption to GPS reception.

Est. Sats Locked: Estimated GPS satellites locked at this location, given the Kp, location and time of day.

Good To Fly?: No or Yes.