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Google Fi Activation Outside The United States

Google Fi Activation Outside the United States

I crossed over to Canada with my phone still activated with my $25 plan with Visible (Verizon) and realized immediately that it wasn’t going to work in any part of it.

I went to switch over to my Google Fi eSIM to activate the service and kept getting a non-descript error message every time I tried. It really didn’t seem to work with any Android VPN apps on my Pixel 3 XL because of the Google VPN (comes with Google Fi) wanting to start up, which would immediately close out the VPN connection.

Here is the list of steps I took to overcome this issue:

  1. Use this VPN to get a US IP address!
  2. Make sure your account address is listed somewhere in the United States like a coworking space or other address inside the country.
  3. Use Borderlinx to get an address for the shipping of the Google card + phone for activation. Alternatively, you’ll just need to use the built-in eSIM in your Pixel 2/3 phone.
  4. Sign up for Google Fi while connected to your USA VPN and download the Google Fi app from the App Store.
  5. Now we use Connectify on your WiFI enabled computer so that you can share your VPN connection to your phone.
  6. I found I was still receiving non-descript errors while my phone was connected to a VPN and so I went to Settings => Network & Internet => Mobile Network => Tap on ‘Google Fi ‘ and tap on ‘Advanced’ at the bottom of the screen. Last, tap on ‘Erase SIM’ and I found this got my eSIM to activate on Google Fi while in Canada! 🙂 Enjoy!

I used Google Fi from Comber, Ontario to Quebec and had service almost all the time, besides Mont-Tremblant National Park where there is little cell reception. If you can, try to make phone calls over WiFi apps otherwise it’s 20 cents per minute when calling back home to the United States.

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