How to Live Stream Your Drone on YouTube Without 1000 Subscribers

While writing about this topic, I wanted a method for live streaming your DJI Mavic 2 Pro, Mavic Air 2 or Mini 2 etc. without 1000 subscriptions. This method would probably work with GoPro HERO9 Black, as well as with other drones that support live streaming.

How to Bypass YouTube’s 1,000 Subscribers Requirement for Mobile Livestreaming

Alright, let’s get into how to live stream your drone on YouTube without 1000 subscribers! Features

  • No Min Sub!
  • 30+ Social platforms
  • Multiple channels on a single platform
  • Your server or anywhere else
  • Fallback to backup your streams.
  • 30-minutes per stream!
  • Sign up for for free!

1.) Create an Account with

First of all, you want to create an account on This service is intended to transmit your stream to multiple platforms simultaneously, but in this case we only use this service to broadcast on YouTube and bypass the minimum number of subscribers of 1,000.

2.) Add YouTube Channel

Once signed in, we want to add our YouTube channel so that it is available as an output through (

Head over to your dashboard within restream: (

  1. Tap or click on [+ Add Channel]:
  2. Select [YouTube]
  3. Connect your desired YouTube channel to your account

3.) Update Stream Titles

Again, head over to your dashboard within restream: (

  • Tap or click on [Update Titles]:
    1. Fill out title
    2. Fill out description
    3. Sélectionnez Gaming content if you want it flagged as Game Content.

4.) Retrieve Your RTMP Stream Info

One last time, access your restream dashboard.

  • Tap or click on [RTMP Settings]:
    1. RTMP URL: rtmp://
    2. Write down or save your stream key.

Okay, now from the DJI GO4 app you are going to want to go into the settings and select livestreaming services and select the RTMP option. You will be prompted to enter a string of login information which includes both the RTMP URL and your stream key.



It will look like the above line of text, so you will probably want to copy and paste this from your restram account on the device you want to use to fly and live stream from.

5. Go Live!

Live streaming from GO4 app on your phone or tablet does require a solid internet connection with 3-5Mbps+ upload speed.

If your internet is strong enough, you should be able to go live from the DJI GO4 app. One way to verify this is to make sure that data is being transmitted by tapping the live stream icon in the top left corner of the app, or using another device and checking the YouTube channel.

I have found streaming in this manner quite hit or miss, so remember this if you’re trying to stream live with the DJI GO4 app. I still have to test live streaming with a 5G device, but I think it would be a bit more reliable if you could find a signal vs 4G / LTE today.

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