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Le Cyber Monday 2019 continue !

Cyber Monday 2019 sales for drones, creative software and your creative mind are rolling in. One of the best deals ever since DJI had to raise their prices in the United States is their deal on the Mavic 2 Pro.

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DJI Cyber Monday 2019

Adobe Cyber Monday 2019

Amazon has Adobe Student & Teacher Edition Creative Cloud on sale for $191.88/per year.

There are a few ways to qualify as a ‘student', the easiest is having access to a .EDU email address.

  1. Any .edu email address works. Whether it's yours, your kids, or otherwise. Many colleges provide these free for alumni of the school.
  2. If you have a kid in school, then you can qualify even if they don't have a school provided email address, they just ask for alternate data to confirm student status.

Offers Available Directly Through Adobe

Creative Cloud All Apps for Individuals – up to 40%* off
Creative Cloud All Apps for Students – up to 70%* off
Creative Cloud All Apps for Teams – up to 25%* off

*note: for first time subscribers

CreativeLive Cyber Monday 2019

Mindfulness Cyber Monday 2019

iAwake's has a Cyber Monday Sale where you receive 30% OFF Meditation Downloads but for 24 Hours Only!

Journey to the Depths of the Soul is a life-transforming series of guided meditations and mesmerizing, consciousness-altering soundscapes, from master hypnotherapist Joseph Kao, to help you deeply connect with your own soul and to stay true to your soul path.

Renowned EFT trainer Dawson Church recommends Deep Delta to his clients more often than any other track. Deep Delta is a gentle, soothing soundtrack that nurtures both spirit and brain, evoking serenity and deep relaxation.

Theta Joy is iAwake's latest Nadja Lind creation — a brilliant duo of tracks, Joy and What is Time? to enhance and deepen your meditation in a subtly blissful and timeless manner.

Gamma 40 – Amp up your day by resonating at a frequency of 40 Hz gamma, which can guide your brain/mind into a blissful state of coherence, clarity, insight, focus, creativity, and compassion.

Stealing Flow – Dynamic tools to create amazing flow states in your work and daily life. For: Creative Flow, Peak Performance, Insight & Intuition, Focus, Flexibility, and Release

It’s also a great time to think about Christmas presents, or Hanukkah presents, or Kwanzaa presents, or whatever end-of-the-year celebratory tradition you come from.

Remerciements spéciaux

TESMAT au Supercharger de Tesla


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