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Week of March 15, 2020


We are adjusting to a new normal: operating remotely and getting caught up with content as we work to minimize the impacts and disruptions of COVID-19. Our thoughts are with you and your families—we wish you safety, good health, and good cheer.

Luminar 4 Edit

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AI Augmented Sky

Luminar 4.2 Update Release Notes

Luminar 4.2 is here! Unlimited creative possibilities with new tools and enhancements.

Time refuses to stand still, and so does Luminar 4. We’ve upgraded Luminar to make it smarter, better, and faster. Take a look at what’s new.


NEW AI Augmented Sky
In the Creative tab inside Luminar 4.2, there’s a new AI Augmented Sky tool present. Artists, you can choose objects from the Luminar database or use your own. Even with photos that have complex backgrounds like trees or buildings, there’s no need to involve masking or layers. Instead, the object seamlessly fits into the photograph, resulting in realistic self-expression.

Breakthrough Improvements to Portrait Tools
New Face Features Detection Neural Network in Luminar detects any faces in a photo, regardless of their position or unusual features. Now you can effortlessly restore skin in the over shined areas with the new intellectual Shine Removal technology. On top of that, the advanced Slim 2.0 provides proportionally accurate face slimming for extremely simple and professional results.

In addition to Augmented Sky and the enhancements to our portrait tools, you’ll also see a few other updates in Luminar 4.2.

We’re constantly improving one of our Luminar artists’ most-loved features — AI Sky Replacement. Relight Scene technology improvement lets you retain colors as you originally captured them in-camera. In previous versions, you might have seen a yellow and unrealistic glow on white objects. Improvement of the Relight Scene technology lets you avoid this problem.

Other improvements to Luminar 4.2
Improvements have also been made to ML Cache, which will increase the efficiency and speed of interaction with the machine’s processor.

Windows users also have various other updates specific to the platform, including:

Preview Preset Multithreading – For multi-core systems, the generation of previews received a boost, making for faster and more comfortable viewing and usage.

Third-party Plugin Implementation – Popular plugins can now be used. At this time, plugins for the Aurora HDR, DxO Nik Collection family, as well as the Topaz plugins collection, are supported.


Thanks to the Luminar Artists who helped us fine-tune performance we've fixed 78 bugs that could lead to crashes or unexpected results. More information you will find here.

That’s all for now! We work non-stop to improve Luminar, so stay tuned for more exciting news soon.

Skylum Luminar 4.2 UPDATE

Get Luminar 4!

You can download Luminar 4 ici.

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